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Indonesian Culinary Gems - Kue Lekker

Indonesian's style of crepe, if I may.
Kue lekker

Or wafer. I'll let you decide after reading this post.

What is it

Kue lekker is a wafer-thin, crispy snack, usually sold by street carts. It's not that different with crepe or wafer, as it has similar ingredients to make. However, while crepe is usually served wet and soft, this one can make a mouthwatering crunch sound when bitten.

The filling is various and sometimes it goes with the seller/vendor's or customer's imagination. The usual ones have sugar, chocolate, cheese, sugar, and/or condensed milk, but nowadays you can even ask for sliced banana, syrup, peanuts, and many more.

It's made with a small, flat pan which will be rotated quickly by the vendor to speed up the cooking process and making it crispy. He will use an attached handle to rotate the pan, some may use pedals to do so. When it's cooked, it'll be folded to semi-lunar shape and then it's ready to be served.

Making kue lekker; (clockwise L-R) pouring the liquid dough onto a spinning pan, wait for it to harden a bit, pour some chocolate sprinkles, fold it semicircle


It is said to be originated from Solo, East Java. The name 'kue lekker' is a mix of Indonesian and Dutch languages, as 'kue' means cake in Indonesian, and 'lekker' means delicious or great in Dutch.

Kue lekker; image taken from Selby's Food Corner

How does it taste

Freakin' good.

So crispy, sweet from the filling (a bit salty sometimes if you add cheese), and very much addictive. It's one of my favourite after-school snack, and I used to buy like 10 of it after finishing my classes. My favourite would be the ultimate; chocolate, cheese, and banana.

Pandan and original kue lekker

Where to find

I think it's getting rarer these days, which is a shame. Like I said, it's usually sold from street carts with the words 'kue lekker' on.

Kue lekker vendor & the cart; image taken from Selby's Food Corner

Kue lekker in the making; image taken from Selby's Food Corner


I think it's pretty much the same as making crepe, but you have to make it very thin and let it stay on the pan for longer amount of time to make it crispy.

I found a good one, though, from Umiabie, translated.


  • 200 g flour
  • 2 tbsp granulated sugar
  • powdered vanilli
  • 1 tsp salt
  • water as needed
  • some butter/margarine to smear the pan
  • 2 eggs
  • chocolate rice, cheese, banana, condensed milk, granulated sugar for filling


1. Sift flour finely.
2. Mix the eggs and add it to the flour. Then add vanilli, salt, and water. Mix until there is no lump.
3. Let it rest for about 20 mins.
4. Prepare the flat pan and heat it, smear some butter/margarine.
5. Spoon some of the batter and put it on the pan, shape it to thin circle.
6. Let it dry on the pan so it'll become crispy. 
7. Add your filling and fold it half, flip it to the other side to ensure thorough cooking.


Now I'm craving for some. Should I make some now?

(Disclaimer: some images used in this post are not mine, all credit goes to the blogs and websites I got them from. All blog and web addresses are hyper-linked to the images and/or captions. Special thanks to Selba from Selby's Food Corner for letting me to use her photos!)

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