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Max Brenner, Newtown - Sydney

Why does it take me this long you ask?
Choc-banana pizza

I apologize, I hadn't had the chance to take proper photos of this famous chocolatey spot before. And this post is long overdue. This one was from last year's visit, just before I went back to Indo. Yeah, it's that long.

The name Max Brenner needs to introduction, I reckon.The second you hear that, the first that pop into your mind is probably the shop with a bald man logo, promising luscious flow flow chocolate and fancy-looking pralines. Yep, I am talking about that one.

Max Brenner, Newtown

The branch in Newtown bears resemblance to other Max's stores; chocolatey, warm, and dominated with wood adornments and colour. They also have a counter where you can see the staff mixing up your ordered chocolate drinks or swirling melted milk chocolate onto your waffles. On the back, there are Max Brenner's accessories and whatnots available to purchase, as well as a glass drawer full of pralines.


But what really attracted me was this chocolate barrels and the pipes. The liquid chocolate is churned in the barrel, and then distributed to the chocolate dispenser on the counter via the pipes which you may not notice as it blends with the ceiling.

My reaction when I saw the barrels of liquid chocolate was like a burglar looking onto a diamond. I just wanted to scoop it with my hands.

Chocolate barrel and the pipe

Counter (can you see where the chocolate pipe is going?)

They'll make a great present, those pralines.

Pralines display

Tutti-frutti waffle was a first-line choice that day. We all wanted the crunchy & fluffy waffles, drizzled generously with melted milk chocolate, and served with sliced strawberry, banana, and vanilla ice cream. And that's exactly what we were served. And it was superb. I recommend having the waffles with vanilla ice cream, although you can get chocolate one, but it'll be chocolate overkill for me.

Tutti-frutti waffle (2) - $18.50

Out of curiosity, we went for the choc-banana pizza to share. It's definitely pretty and may give you choc-gasm at the first sight, but unfortunately it wasn't as amazing as I thought.

It's very chocolatey and I love the banana too, but it became too sweet after the first slice, even for me. The marshmallow also added sweetness, and our group of five finally couldn't cope anymore with the sugar overload. And we went crazy with the waffles before too, so that's probably a contributing reason.

Choc-banana pizza - $17

But is chocolate good for me (and you)?


Great quote

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Really nice chocolate and chocolate drinks, great waffles, service is friendly and quick, price is reasonable, ambiance is warm and cozy.



142-146 King St
Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9565 1288

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  1. i was craving MB on sunday but couldnt get to one so i recreated my own tuttifruitti waffles at home. so good! i love the design of the stores, chocoulate plumbing? yes pls!

    1. Sounds good! Any recipe on that? ;)
      Haha that chocolate pipes are very interesting to me too. thanks for dropping by, milkteaxx! :D

  2. this is one of my fave dessert spots especially on a cold night. everytime i catch up with one of my mates, we always talk about the waffles at Max Brenners. i can imagine how rich that chocolate pizza would be from that pic...

    1. That waffle is the bomb, it's actually better that the pizza, I reckon.
      Thanks for dropping by, Annie! :D

  3. The Food Shown is Sooo Yummy I wouldn't mind being a Little fat

    1. Thanks, Murtuza! I hope you enjoyed the post :)

  4. Replies
    1. That is a correct response, Cend. hahaha. Thanks! :)


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