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Green Peppercorn, Fairfield Hotel - Sydney

I love ice cream and deep fried things. Combined; it's pure heaven.
Deep fried ice cream - $13.90

The name Green Peppercorn is probably familiar for lots of people. Located nicely nearby Fairfield train station, you will find it easily if you spot Fairfield Hotel first.

Green Peppercorn signage

The interior looks sparkly and elegant. There are hints of Thailand's culture, with the pretty statues and the tuk-tuk (the motor vehicle right there). There's also a quite spacious, and essential, waiting area for those in queue for a table.

Interior decoration

The bright room is dominated with neutral colour, and there are interesting cages hanging from the ceiling. The vibe is cozy, it's not hard to enjoy yourself here, especially with the food I'll show you shortly.


We started with a punchy salad: som tam. It's Thai papaya salad; pungent with pickled crab paste and chilli aromas, perfect to be a wake-up alarm for the tastebuds. Their som tam was hard to fault. It was adequately crunchy, tangy, spicy, and definitely fresh.

Som tam (Thai style papaya salad) - $11.90

The chicken pad thai was not only easy on the eyes, but also on the tongue. It was cooked perfectly, and not sickly sweet as some pad thai can be. The sticky, tasty sauce coated every strand of the rice noodles and tender slices of chicken very nicely. Just a caution for the dried chilli flakes it's served with; it's a house burner.

Chicken pad thai (stir fried rice noodles with chicken, egg, red onions, chives; served with beansprouts and crushed peanuts) - $12.90

Tom yum, the famous Thai hot and sour soup was next. It's everything a hot and sour soup should be. Great level of acidity and spicy kick were delivered, as well as generous amount of seafood and mushrooms. Imagine slurping a bowl of this on a chilly day.

Tom yum (Thai style hot and sour soup) - $10.90

Beef red curry wasn't short on the flavour department too; it was thick, full of delicious spices touches and it was also seasoned perfectly. Great with sticky rice, but I found myself preferring steamed rice. The gravy was so thick and tasty, we scraped every drop from the bowl.

Beef gan dang (red curry) - $12.90

It was supposed to be our entree, but we didn't mind salt and pepper calamari for 'pre-dessert'. The calamari pieces were huge and so unbelievably tender, it almost felt like biting into firm tofu. It was thinly battered, resulting in crispy, well seasoned skin. Two sauces were available as condiments, I prefer the soy-based one than the sweet chilli.

Salt and pepper calamari - $16.90

Dessert time was strongly anticipated. I've heard way to many stories about the superiority of Green Peppercorn's desserts, I could hardly wait to witness some.

First up was the healthier option: pandan sticky rice with mango, served with vanilla ice cream and bits of toasted coconut. It is superb at the very least. Although I haven't quite got the idea of the mango combined with sticky rice, every aspect of the plate was worth sighing for. I could easily down the aromatic sticky rice and the ice cream alone.

Pandan sticky rice with mango (and ice cream) - $13.90

The highlight was of course the deep fried ice cream. And it really does live up to the hype.

The creamy vanilla ice cream was encased by thin, crispy filo pastry. Triangle-shaped and then deep fried, it's amazing that the ice cream still took a long time to melt. Let the spoon crack the brownish pastry, and it'll cut through the smooth ice cream. Spoon it with some luscious caramel sauce and toasted coconut muesli for some lovely texture variation. Every spoonful is a pure heaven.

Deep fried ice cream - $13.90

For all visits I've made there, the service is excellent. They're quick and efficient, while also accommodating and friendly. The owner is also approachable, he went to our table and offered the recommended menus there, including nem khao (rice salad mixed with cured pork, shallots, chilli, kaffir lime leaves, peanuts served with iceberg lettuce and mint). I haven't tried that one but it's on the list for the next visit!

Just be prepared for long waiting time on meal hours, this place is really popular. And I definitely know why.


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 4.5/5 (Very recommended)
Great Thai/Lao dishes, must-try deep fried ice cream, service is friendly and accommodating, price is reasonable, ambiance is cozy although can be really busy in meal hours.



Fairfield Hotel
1 Hamilton Road
Fairfield, NSW 2165

Phone: (02) 9724 7842


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  1. i love Green Peppercorn! you should try out their creme brulee next time. the pandan creme brulee is so heavenly!

    1. It's already on the list! You reckon I can finish the whole portion by my self?
      Thanks for dropping by, Annie! :D

  2. You have to try the nem khao. It's really good here! And the cripsy pork belly too! If you're not afraid of ox tongue, that's also a must have dish! Ok i think might recommend the whole menu. haha

    1. I need the recommendations so keep em coming! hehe.
      Thanks heaps, Tina. Will do! ;)

  3. The food looks amazing,check amazing recipes at that are delicious.


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