Monday, 24 June 2013

Frank's Lebanese Restaurant, Fairfield - Sydney

Smokey, crispy-skinned chicken for brunch?
Frank's charcoal chicken (half) with chips - $14.90

Yes please.

So it was a few more days before the mother's departure back home, and we were busy arranging her suitcase because there was too much food to be fitted in. Really, 3/4 of her baggage is pure food. It was amazing that she could pass the checking in part.

We were starving by the time we finished, and it wasn't quite the lunch time, so I suggested a place I had always wanted to try for brunch, one of Fairfield food gem: Frank's Lebanese Restaurant. I have read many good reviews about it and finally I can happily crossed it on my to-try list.

It's doesn't look very fancy, but it's inviting and promising.

Frank's Lebanese restaurant, Fairfield

And the view of numbers of chicken being roasted made my mouth water.


The interior is simple, dominated with clean white and green colour or the seating. The counter is where they prepare takeaways I suppose, along with the cashier. There are liquor bottles shelf on the further corner of the room.



We had the half chicken set, which comes with chips, garlic sauce, and Lebanese bread (first picture). I was looking for the pickles but apparently they weren't included. To add a bit of colour and healthiness, we put tabouli (Lebanese parsley salad) on the order. It was tangy and fresh, eating it with the slightly sweet Lebanese bread alone was already very enjoyable.

Lebanese bread (included in the chicken package) and tabouli ($5.90)

The charcoal chicken was more than great. It was super great. It was tender and juicy, and of course very fragrant. The glorious crispy skin had me doubting if it was really charcoal-grilled instead of fried. It was a bit on the salty side, but the tabouli counteracted the saltiness very nicely.

The chips were great with crunchy edges and tasty chicken salt (chicken salt always makes it better). Dipping it into the garlic sauce is very recommended, although I still prefer the stronger-tasted El Jannah's garlic sauce.


Take a bit of each and wrap them with generous smear of garlic sauce; enjoy a bite of flavour burst. It was a great brunch, indeed.

A bit of each

I was hoping to try the mixed plate that everyone seems to be raving about, but I was too stuffed already and I was also looking forward for a big lunch at the cousin's so had to skip the popular menu. Next time, for sure!

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great charcoal chicken with crispy skin, good selection of Lebanese dishes, service is fast, ambiance is comfortable, price is reasonable.



16 Smart St
Fairfield, NSW 2165

Phone: (02) 9724 3000

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  1. never really heard of this place and it's fairly close to where i live. should give it a go one day. been craving for charcoal chicken lately

    1. Oh where do u live? maybe we should do a date lunch sometime as I live very close as well!

  2. I heard about this from thesuzchef after her fairfield eats tour and I can't believe I've not known about this place. It really is so close to home. Looks like I know where I'll be going for my next charcoal chicken fix!

    1. I heard this restaurant first from those fairfield eats tour posts as well haha.
      I think you'll like it! :)


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