Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dying to Try: Korean Banana Milk

I am currently on a hunt for this.
The popular Korean banana-flavoured milk; image taken from

The ever popular Korean banana-flavoured milk. Oh, how I wish I have my own images and review about the so-called national drink of Korea, but these images regretfully are not mine. That is why I need help!

A bit of introduction first, maybe?

The popular banana-flavoured milk is produced by Binggrae, originally in 1974. It was when many South Koreans were suffering with malnourishment, and banana was considered as a 'royal' fruit. Thus the high popularity of the sweet beverage.

Image taken from:

It is shaped like hanggari, which is a kind of jar, which makes it even more unique.

The comparison with hanggari; image taken from:

The promotion is also a hit, with SNSD (popular Korean girlband, also known as Girl's Generation) and Lee Min Ho playing parts on the commercials.

SNSD on the banana milk commercial; image taken from:

And apparently there are two other flavours beside the banana: strawberry and the plain 'lite'.

The three flavours; image taken from:

I am dying to try this, not only because I know that it is super popular and loved, but also because some Korean friends are often emphasizing the same point: it is very nostalgic for them and drinking it makes them very happy. There are a few brands of banana-flavoured milk that I spotted in Korean groceries, but 'the banana milk' is nowhere to be found. I am also aware that they also produce it in boxes, instead of the unique bottle, but I haven't found those either.

Boxed banana-flavoured milk; image taken from:

I am really curious about this one. Anyone knows how to get them in Sydney? I have been looking for it at Korean groceries but still no luck!

And if you have tried it, please share, is it that fabulous?

Just to end the post on a sweet note, here's the commercial starring Lee Min Ho.


  • All images used in this post are not mine, all credit goes to the blogs and websites I got them from. All blog and web addresses are hyper-linked to the images and the captions.
  • Most info and images are found on Seoul Colors web, thanks!

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  1. you should persuade koreans to drink ULTRA MILK lol

    1. I have talked about ultra milk to them actually haha.
      Thanks for dropping by, marcelino! :D

  2. for me, it doesn't taste like a real banana but it's kinda addicting once you try it. anyway, try to find it while you come back home to Indonesia :) :)

    1. Now I'm even more curious. where can we find it in Indo?
      Thanks for dropping by, ellie! :D

    2. maybe you can find it in Lotte or Mu Gung Hwa since both of it are korean supermarket hehe :D

    3. Noted. Thanks, ellie! :D

  3. Hi Irene, thank you for sharing information about this drink! ^_^ I also live in Sydney, am wondering if you were able to find this drink anywhere in Sydney? If so, do you mind sharing the information please? Thank you! Bonnie =)

    1. Hi Bonnie.
      Unfortunately, it seems that the drink's distribution in Sydney has been ceased. I can't find it anywhere, and nor can some Korean friends. It is sad :(
      Thanks for your comment! :)

    2. Thank you for your reply, Irene =)
      What a pity that we cannot get it in Sydney :( , guess we will have to look for it overseas. Thanks again =) Cheers, Bonnie

  4. Look on KOAMART nit sure if it the same brand.


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