Friday, 5 April 2013

Oceanic Café, Pantai Mutiara - Jakarta

Dining peacefully with a view.
Mojito and a view

Seems to be a pretty good idea of dating for me. After countless times having dates with the boy at malls or restaurants, we were feeling like adding a restaurant with magnificent view into our dating plan. Due to his packed schedule and Jakarta's unbelievable traffic, we went somewhere nearby home, Pantai Mutiara, North Jakarta.

Oceanic Café is one restaurant I heard about a lot, in the past. It used to be a highly valued restaurant; numbers of friends did their sweet seventeens (yes, it's sweet seventeen in Indonesia) and important parties there, until more modern and hipper restaurants start occurring here and there, diverting attention from a place used to be one of the trendiest spots in Jakarta.


The place doesn't look too different, it's still neat and clean, with options of indoor seating with a pool view or outdoor seating on the deck with the sea view. We chose the latter. It was a weekday and we went on an early dinner, there were no single customer apart the two of us. This place was ours.

Deck seating

Isn't it gorgeous? It was cloudy that day, and we were afraid it would start pouring any seconds, but thank God it didn't happen. We had fun taking pictures and playing you-jump-I-jump while waiting for the food.

Seating and a view

The drinks arrived and Roo attacked his Chocolate Christmas (I'm not sure why they name it like that) in glee. He is always the more sweet-tooth person between us, and this iced chocolate topped with strawberry ice cream and a chocolate wafer roll had made him happy. In the menu, there was a '...with raspberry jam' but it was nowhere in sight.

Chocolate Christmas - IDR 20,000 ($2)

My virgin mojito was sweet, zingy, and fizzy. It has adequate amount of mint flavour; but I wish it was more fizzy.

Virgin mojito - IDR 20,000 ($2)

There were Indonesian food options in the menu, but both of us opted for pasta dishes. Roo's fetuccine carbonara didn't have the look, but it tasted more than decent, for a cheese lover. If you are not up for high level of cheesiness, better not take the risk. This one was loaded tightly with cheese, but the fetuccine was cooked nicely and the sauce is seasoned very well.

Fetuccine carbonara - IDR 33,000 ($3.3)

My breaded chicken bolognaise was a bit of a let down for me. The breaded chicken was crunchy but not as tender of juicy as I hoped, not a problem found with the pasta, but the tomato sauce left an undesired lingering feeling after a few mouthfuls. I found myself keep reaching for my mojito to wash it down.

I'll stick with Indonesian menus next time.

Breaded chicken bolognaise - IDR 26,000 ($2.6)

When we were about to leave, the sunset started demanding our attention. Some 'whoa's were shared. And then the lamps started twinkling and the candle added a romantic feeling.



And Roo managed to snap this lovely pic. I felt so lucky to witness such beauty.


We went home feeling really happy, but mostly because of the view and the fun we had. If the food were improved, I think it would be possible for them to make a come back.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
The rating is mostly given for the view and ambiance. Service is friendly and helpful, price is OK, food is decent but may need improvement.



Pantai Mutiara Sports Club
Jl. Raya Pantai Mutiara Pejagalan
Pluit, North Jakarta

Phone: (021) 6696722

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  1. Irene! What a breathtaking picture at the end of your post!

    Oceanic foods were just so-so right?
    Terakhir kesana, gw ngerasa air lautnya bau (apa gw doang ya?) terus panas.. terus agak banyak lalet..

    But, really you turned it into one spectacular looking venue..

    ps : pake kamera apa tipe apa sih ren? kamera gw baru rusak omg.

    1. Naaw, thanks Cend! I didn't take that though, the BF did haha.
      so-so indeed. waktu itu sih ga bau, n pas sore jd ga panas n banyak lalet.
      Gue pake Canon EOS 500D cend. ah sayang bgt! jadi mau beli baru?

  2. sbg pemukim pluit, gw slalu merasa makanan disini nda enak smua.. cmn duduk2 asik sok2 brasa di bali.. padahal.. pntai mutiara.. lol

    1. hehehehe iya ya?
      Yg enak di pluit apaan, El?

  3. mau tanya, bagusan oceanic atau jet ski cafe ya? sepertinya viewnya bagus

    1. Wah, udah lama banget sejak terakhir ke Jet Ski, tapi kayanya 11 12 deh untuk view-nya.
      Thanks for dropping by, Dede! :)

  4. Pingin rasanya habisin time with my family n liat sunset dehhh ,,,coz jauuuhh dari depok


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