Friday, 22 February 2013

Leaving Jakarta (Again) & Some Announcements

My holiday's over.
Assam laksa (?), Bangi Kopitiam (Citra 6)

Why does it have to be so fast? To be honest, I'm totally still on my holiday mode.

Anyway, I have a few announcements to make. First of all, really sorry about not updating the blog as regularly as usual. I've been (happily) busy on this holiday, and thus finding it difficult to make a proper post. I shall try to post twice a week starting next week!

Secondly, I sadly have to leave Jakarta again. The flight to Sydney is tonight, and believe it or not I haven't finished packing yet. I would like to say thank you so so so much for everyone, including lovely food bloggers that had invited me to food tastings and blogger gatherings while I'm in Jakarta, I had so much fun and lets do more when I'm back again!

One thing I'll miss second most (the first being family and loved ones, of course) from Jakarta? No doubt, the food. For examples:

Ketoprak Bang Toha - my fav Indonesian-style vermicelli with peanut sauce salad (Cafe 12, Citra 2)

Es gentong - jackfruit and cookies & cream

Nasi Padang - Padang-style rice set with rendang, braised cabbage, perkedel (croquette), and boiled egg

Another nasi Padang set

Peanut butter thick toast, Bangi Kopitiam (Citra 6) << this is super good

Drinks from Bangi Kopitiam (Citra 6) - clockwise from top left: iced coffee, hot barley drink, lemon tea, ambarella juice (jus kedondong)

And this takes us to the third announcement: because there are so many pending drafts of Indonesia based food reviews in my storage, I think I'll post them first before doing a Sydney based post. I hope you don't mind, I'm afraid I won't be able to provide a good, detailed description of the food flavour if I keep delaying posting them!

Meanwhile, I will try to lose my 'holiday weight'. Like I've said thousand times before, I wasn't kidding about the blog's name. The scale number difference before I started the food blog and after is really obvious, anyone's experiencing the same? So yeah, wish me luck!

No matter how sad I am right now to leave again, life must go on. And I am so curious about Ippudo in Westfield anyway, that's a good reason to be back in Sydney right?

See you again in a few months, Jakarta!

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  1. See you soon Irene !! Have a safe flight ya. Sampai bertemu di liburan berikutnya :)


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