Monday, 21 January 2013

The Mom's Gourmet Catering Service

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It used to be metal hampers.
moms-gourmet-taster-menu (2)
The Mom's Gourmet taster pack

But apparently now catering service uses Tupperware-like containers. Well, not all of them of course.

The Mom's Gourmet is a family catering service that focuses in healthy but yummy meals, delivered straight to your doors. They committed not to use MSG, over-seasoning, and to use organic and healthy ingredients. While they're here to help the mothers to provide wholesome meals for their children, they also promise that the food would be enjoyed not only for the children, but the adults as well.

The packaging

They gave me a week menu and asked me to choose a day with the most interesting dishes. I chose Friday, partly because I was intrigued with the 'tongue fish'.

So Friday night, a cute package came knocking my front door. Instead of the old-school metal campers, there was a cute yellow bag with Tupperware-like containers inside.

moms-gourmet-taster-menu (1)
Dinner menu (taster size)

Here are the menus I tried; please keep in mind that these are in just taster size:

Fried tongue fish with shallot and tomato salsa sauce - my fav item; the fish is cooked very well with slightly crispy edges, and the sauce is rather tasty as well.

Mushroom omelet - generous amount of juicy mushrooms hidden in thin yet soft omelet.

Honey glazed mixed vegetables - a bit too sweet for me, some salt would do good.

Meatball soup - the meatballs are great, but the broth is under-seasoned for me.

A similarity between the menus is that they are hearty, honest home cooking.

Clockwise from top left: mushroom omelet, fried tongue fish with shallot & tomato salsa sauce, meatball soup, honey glazed mixed vegetables

To my surprise, there was also a cup of fruit cocktail, which wasn't included in the menu list. Apparently they have a pregnant customer who asked for something fresh to overcome her nausea, so they made fruit cocktail and gave me to try some. It's nice to know that they're taking care of their customers very well, and the fruit cocktail is a great dessert too.

Fruit cocktail (complimentary)

It really is nice to know that a considerate catering service is around, right?

Irene's Getting Fat! received The Mom's Gourmet taster pack dinner box complimentarily, thanks to the Mom's Gourmet.




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