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Kaca Mata and Bangi Kopitiam, PIK - Jakarta

Perfect ending for a fabulous year.
nasi-campur-kacamata (2)
Nasi hainam campur (fragrant rice with roast pork, char siu, steamed chicken, and boiled egg), Kaca Mata

Surrounded with family and dearest ones, plus multiple great meals on the last day of 2012; it really doesn't get any better than that. This year's NYE was a bit different, we didn't have any meal at home, we did some family adventure which we hadn't had for a long time instead.

It was started with a porky lunch at Kaca Mata, a restaurant with its infamous roast pork and rice. Their main restaurant is in Bandengan, North Jakarta, while the branches have spread to Serpong, Puri Indah, PIK, and Kelapa Gading.

Kaca Mata, PIK

There isn't anything flashy about the interior, but your attention will be sucked right away by the roast protein display: char siu (honey glazed roast pork), crispy-skin roast pork, roast chicken, etc.

The service is quick and efficient, our food came in no time.

Roast protein display

Butchering the pork

Badak is a favourite dink of mine, originated from Medan, North Sumatra. It's Indonesian sarsaparilla, tastes pretty similar with root beer but with more natural taste.

Badak; Indonesian sarsaparilla

Nasi hainam campur is a meat fiesta with some fragrant rice (infused by ginger, garlic, butter, chicken ctock, etc.), pickled mustard green soup, and some sweet soup/gravy. The plate of carnivore heaven includes char siu (honey glazed roast pork), crispy-skin roast pork, steamed chicken, and half of seasoned boiled egg. Combined, they're almost faultless, except for a quite heavy, lingering oily feel afterwards.

The dining experience will be much better if they had paid more attention to detail when preparing the pork, as a piece of char siu that the brother had wasn't waxed thoroughly. No big deal though!

nasi-campur-kacamata (1)
Nasi hainam campur (fragrant rice with roast pork, char siu, steamed chicken, and boiled egg) - IDR 32,000 ($3.4)

The parents had their share of noodles dishes, bakmi ayam (chicken noodles) and bakmi chasio/char siu (honey glazed roast pork noodles). The noodles are cooked perfectly and have springy and firm texture, the way I like my noodles to be. My preferable topping is the char siu, although the steamed chicken is also really nice.

L: bakmi ayam/chicken noodles (IDR 25,000/$2.7), R: bakmi chasio/honey glazed roast pork noodles (IDR 25,000/$2.7)

Continuing the mini trip, we went to mangrove conservation. I didn't even know the place exists before. True to the name, it's full of the useful trees that can prevent flood. There are also some wild monitor lizards (biawak) hiding here and there, and cute little rabbits. The place is often used for photo-shoots, but they also have camp site and villas. It'd be awesome if they trim and clean the place a bit, I'm sure it'll be a to-go place in Jakarta.

Mangrove conservation signage

Not wanting the trip to end yet, the father suggested a dessert/coffee time at Bangi Kopitiam, welcomed by nods from us.

Bangi Kopitiam, PIK

The place has a serious vintage feel, dominated with rustic furniture and old-school props and pictures.


There are so many things interesting to capture, especially those ancient-looking apparatus and vintage posters.

Clockwise from top left: vintage clock & bread loaves, ancient phone, camera, and sewing machine

Clockwise from top: last heritage photo, Pepsi's vintage poster, Cadburry's vintage poster

Apart from the detailed menu book, they also have illustrated boards of menu, both help the cutomers greatly to make their pick.

They serve kaya toast with various kind of bread and cooking style, Malaysian dishes, and they even have Western big breakfast option. The beverages vary from soda float to the famous aerated tea and coffee.

Illustrated menu (from L-R they explain about soft boiled egg, toast, aerated tea, aerated coffee)

The iced Milo is a magnificent drink, has perfect ratio between every ingredient put in, resulting in so milky, Milo-ey, and not sickly sweet refreshment. Best item tried that day, hands down.

The ice coffee was really enjoyed between the family, it's not too strong for me, probably due to the use of the condensed milk. I still found my attention undivided, all for my iced Milo.

Iced Milo (IDR 16,000/$1.8) and iced coffee (IDR 13,000/$1.4) (background)

My toast order was the best one among three orders. Melaka Portuguese kaya toast uses different kind of toast, it's brown, crispier, and has earthy sweet notes. The brown kaya jam is great and has perfect level of sweetness, perfectly paired with a magnificent slab of butter which melts after a few seconds upon arriving.

Melaka Portuguese kaya toast - IDR 12,000 ($1.4)

Other orders were:

Roti hailam bakar kaya ('hailam' kaya toast) - nothing is really special except the delicious kaya jam.

Shanghai bun kaya butter - has crispy, buttery edges which is worth fighting over, with the same kaya jam sandwiched between a very soft, round bun.

Chocolate ice cream scoop - we were very thankful that it does not taste like the cheap, supermarket-bought ice cream.

Clockwise from top left: roti hailam bakar kaya (IDR 15,000/$1.6), Shanghai bun kaya butter (IDR 15,000/$1.6), chocolate ice cream (IDR 15,000/$1.6), melted butter in Melaka kaya toast

So, how did you spend you NYE? It was raining in Jakarta, but apparently (almost) nobody cared, there were still huge celebrations and beautiful fireworks accompanying the countdown. And Sydney harbour bridge's fireworks were as beautiful as always (saw that on TV)!


Kaca Mata: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Good roast pork and char siu although need more attention to detail, satisfying noodles dishes, service is good, ambiance is nice, price is reasonable.

Bangi Kopitiam: 4/5 (Recommended)
Two thumbs up for the kaya toast, awesome iced Milo, service is friendly and quick, price can be a bit high, ambiance is unique and comfortable.



Ruko Cordoba Blok F/18
Jl. Marina Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta)

Phone: (021) 5694 7915/16

Twitter: @kacamatachasiu


Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Golf, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta)

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  1. all that pork goodness is making me drool. Happy 2013 Irene. Here's to a big year ahead with even more eats! xo

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