Monday, 7 January 2013

Cabe Ulek, Taman Palem - Jakarta

I'm always up to any chilli challenge.
Nasi bambu bakar (grilled rice in bamboo, wrapped in banana leaves) and ayam bumbu hijau (chicken with green chilli)

With a rather high spicy-tolerance level, chilli is a good friend of mine. Eating without a hint of spiciness often leaves me unsatisfied, but recently I've been trying to eat a few spoonfuls first before adding any spicy sauce condiment, as it may ruin the original flavour.

So you can understand my excitement when I managed to get a dinner date with a couple of lovely food bloggers at Cabe Ulek, literally 'crushed chilli' in English. You definitely can't miss the restaurant, especially at night. It's bright and blinking brightly with those lights and huge signage.

Cabe Ulek, Jakarta

The interior is clean and neat, with numbers of large tables which can seat 6-8 people. I think they may need some smaller tables for 2-4.

The menu has choices of traditional Indonesian dishes, some seafood deliciousness, and more. They have free flow sambal (crushed chilli sauce), but apparently only three were available that night.


One of the stars of the dinner was this ayam sambal ijo (steamed chicken with green chilli), which was only ordered half, as we also tried its twin. I thoroughly enjoyed this one: the chicken is tender, already flavorsome on its own, but perfect with the spicy crushed green chilli.

Ayam bumbu hijau (steamed chicken with green chilli) [half] - IDR 30,000 ($3)

The twin is even better, just because it's deep fried. Ayam goreng sambal ijo (deep fried chicken with crushed green chilli) is pretty similar with the previous one, but with thin crispy outer layer/skin. Just like the other one, the crushed green chilli made me weak at knees.

Ayam goreng bumbu hijau (fried chicken with green chilli) [half] - IDR 30,000 ($3)

I had nasi bambu bakar (grilled rice in bamboo, wrapped in banana leaf) to go with the chicken, and it was a wise decision. Although the rice needs to be grilled more and I've had more fragrant ones, it's quite tasty and filled quite generously with whitebait and basil.

Nasi bambu bakar (grilled rice in bamboo, wrapped in banana leaf) - IDR 7,000 ($0.7)

We also had more praise-worthy items: tahu kipas (deep fried, prawn & veggies stuffed tofu), crunchy bakwan jagung (corn fritters), and spicy and sweat-inducing genjer tauco (yellow velvetleaf cooked with fermented soy beans).

Roo personally really enjoyed the empal (slow cooked, dried beef), but I was in my own world with the apparently-hot free flow sambal.

Clockwise from top left: tahu kipas (deep fried, prawn & veggies stuffed tofu) IDR 25,000/$2.5, bakwan jagung and empal (corn fritters and slow cooked, dried beef) IDR 10,000/$1 and IDR 25,000/$2.5, free flow sambal (crushed chilli sauce), genjer tauco (yellow velvetleaf cooked with fermented soy beans) IDR 15,000 ($1.5)

So next time, mention a super hot chilli sauce to me, and I'll be sold immediately.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Good Indonesian dishes, the sambal selections are spicy enough but would love more options, price is affordable, service may need improvement, ambiance is nice.



Taman Palem Lestari Blok D7 No.9-10
Cengkareng, West Jakarta

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  1. Cabe ulek enak, kalau tempatnya lebih luas lagi, lebih nyaman lagi pastinya :)

    1. Saya juga suka. Stuju! hehe.
      Thanks for dropping by, Jayavo :)


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