Monday, 14 January 2013

Bakmi Alok (Alok Noodles), Jakarta

This is special.
Bakmi ayam Alok (Alok chicken noodles)

This is a very memorable bowl of chicken noodles.

Bakmi Alok is my all-time favourite noodles. The last time I went to this place is probably when I was 12 or something. Although I have tried the infamous noodles from their other branch/small stalls at food courts about a year ago, this one branch feels special as I used to go here often when I was a kid. Man, I miss this one heaps.

The place has experienced few renovation and changes, I reckon, as it’s looking different although possesses the same ambiance. They’re serving the noodles at a ruko (house and shop unit), and if I’m not mistaken, they have air-con room upstairs. But I was there for the old time sake. I miss savouring the noodles with so much chilli, which makes you sweat like crazy and feel the burn on your tongue, soothed immediately with the famous Indonesian bottled tea brand at a humble and familiar place like this. It’s something I have never found in Sydney or anywhere.

Dining area

The one thing that makes them different than the others is the fact that they don’t give any vegetables in your bowl. You can find your vegetable supply from the free flow shallot, available on every table and you can ask for more in case you finish the whole jar.  The smell and flavour of the shallot helps enhancing the eating experience.

Condiments: shallots and chillis auce

We had bakso udang goreng (fried prawn meatball) from a small vendor outside the restaurant for starter which I reckon is overpriced, as it’s not satisfyingly crunchy although quite tasty.

Bakso udang goreng (fried prawn meatballs)

Now, onto the noodles. I don’t know if they sell other menu apart from the chicken noodles and vermicelli, as we have never asked for menu. It’s always a bowl of chicken noodles. I’m worried that I may describe the awesomeness in too many words, so let me try to shorten it.

bakmi-ayam-alok (2)
Bakmi ayam Alok (Alok chicken noodles) - IDR 20,000 ($2)

Having tried so many bowls of noodles in Jakarta, this one is still the best on my dictionary. Alok’s bowl of chicken noodles is an incredible creation, even better eaten with lots of shallots and chilli sauce. The soup is also a killer on its own; super savoury yet light, a result from the use of kilos of chicken in the making process. However, I’m not sure what kind of oil they use; I may need to gather more information.

bakmi-ayam-alok (3)

The noodles are cooked to precision for me; it’s firm and has bouncy bite. You can choose your chicken cut: breast or leg, and I prefer the one with more flavour: the leg. It’s given generously, which is another point for their excellence.

Firm noodles

I recommend getting some wontons and/or meatballs soup on the side. Although they aren’t so special, you get much more of the awesome broth.

Left: wonton soup (10) (IDR 25,000/$2.5); right: meatballs soup (5) (IDR 10,000/$1)

I am going to go there at least 3 times more before going back to Sydney.

Rating: 5/5 (Must try)
Awesome noodles and broth, price is affordable, place can be rather hot in sunny days, ambiance is nice, service is quick and efficient.



1.) Jl. Mangga II/B38
Green Ville, Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta)

Phone: (021) 568 4717

2.) Ruko Taman Kebon Jeruk Blok A XI No. 15
Jl. Meruya Ilir, Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta)

Phone: (021) 584 5451

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  1. Great photos Irene! Those noodles looks soooo soo good!

    1. Thanks Christine! :D
      and taste so soo good as well! :D

  2. Thanks ren, gue juga demen mie Alok hihihi.
    Fotonya bagus bagus.

  3. Have u tried Mie Aheng?

  4. Hi boleh tahu ini ada babi atau tidak ya?


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