Friday, 21 December 2012

Es Duren (Durian Ice Cream) Vendor, Bandung - West Java

Two of my favourite things combined.
Es Duren (Durian Ice) (2)
Es duren (durian ice cream)

Durian + durian ice cream. One dessert that is on my list of apocalypse food; you know, last food you want to eat if the apocalypse is coming. Which is not today, I strongly suspect.

This kind of es duren (durian ice cream) can be found easily in Bandung, the capital city of West Java. I've seen one or two vendors roaming in Jakarta's streets, but Bandung definitely has more. It's one of my fav street food, and I used to buy at least two cups everytime I made a short trip to Bandung.

Es Duren Vendor
The vendor

The main stars are the durian ice cream and the durian, of course. The magic lies on the quality of the durian, if it's thin with huge stone or tastes bland, then it won't be as satisfying. The durian is given one segment for each cup, and they usually don't use the big ones, but there are some that are so creamy and sweet albeit small which makes me digging for more.

Hanging durian

The making process is simple: a scoop of durian ice cream, a durian segment, another scoop of ice cream, (fermented) black sticky rice, and river of thick chocolate milk.

Making Es Duren
Making es duren

The product is served in a signature polkadot cup, with a small plastic bag to, presumably, put the stripped durian stone in. A cup is usually priced at IDR 10,000 or about $1.2.

The first sensory sensation is the beautiful smell of the durian, toned down significantly by the ice cream which isn't as intense. The textural play isn't monotonous: the smooth ice cream, fibrous durian flesh, and chewy black sticky rice. It's sweet, creamy, and a bit acidic with the (fermented) black sticky rice. I really love finding the durian flesh and eating it with the ice cream, an ultimate treat for a hot day. There can be some ice flakes in the ice cream, but it doesn't matter, really.

Es Duren (Durian Ice)
Es duren (durian ice cream)

It will not be a pleasure in a cup for those who hate durian, but for me, I just can't get enough of it. Don't miss it on your next trip to Bandung!


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  1. Woah that looks crazy good. I love durian so much and durian ice cream too, although its hard to find here in Sydney. And $1.20! I would faint at such prices in Sydney hehe.

    1. me too! high five! :D
      everything is sooooo much cheaper here than they are in Syd :p


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