Monday, 10 December 2012

Behind the Scene: My Outdoor Photo 'Studio' and the Magic Book

I always love the 'behind the scene's.
My review 'bible'

Be it of movies, dramas, music videos, etc. But my fav so far is the behind the scenes of food photography. It's really interesting for me to see the actual props that they use, how they style the food, how they arrange the perfect lightning, all to produce the saliva-inducing photos which can make me really imagine to actually feel the texture of the food and taste it.

So, I decided to do my own behind the scene! In case you are curious. Keep this in mind though, this only applies to my Australia/Sydney-based reviews/recipes. I'll do the Jakarta-based one when I'm home.

First thing first: the cameras. Like I said on my 'about' page, I'm currently using two cameras. This sexy fuchsia SONY DSC 310 does its job really well, and it obviously weighs much less than the big DSLR. However, it's the Canon EOS 500D that I actually prefer for better quality photos. It's the reason for my enduring strange looks from waiters/waitresses when I get it out at restaurants. For recipe photos, I always use the DSLR, except for the recipes I posted just after I started this blog.


Canon EOS 500D with EFS 18-55mm 0.25m/0.8ft lens

I have this soft spot for wooden backgrounds and props. Everytime such things appear in food photos, I will stare admiringly for a while. Maybe this is the reason that my fav spot for food photo-shoot is this wooden terrace at the backyard. Sometimes I also use the wooden fence and stairs. You may have seen some photos with them as the background.

I find it easier to take photos here in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not as fierce as the midday's.




I don't have many props at all. They're all the aunt's, and she apparently has some lovely tea towels and antique porcelains, which I'm too scared to use, dropping and breaking them really won't be funny. I would love to use dark plates sometimes, so I'm thinking to invest in some. Anyone knows a good place to buy cheap, pretty props?

Tea towels & plates & bowls

Number one obstacles for the outdoor 'studio' is this dog: Gus. He's so quick in sensing food, and won't stop disturbing me everytime I'm trying to create a good environment to shoot my food. I usually just keep him in the house for a while and lock the door until I'm finished.

It's also very challenging to take pictures when it's windy and my garnish is flown away. Flies are also annoying, which usually make appearance in hot days.

Gus:'what are you doing?'

That's my behind-the-scene for doing photo-shoot of my recipe.

The magic book (first picture) is a major help and pretty much my behind-the-scene for restaurant reviews.

I must admit, I'm a fetish for restaurants pamphlets, booklets, and menu lists. I also love to collect the bills from every restaurant that I visit. This is where I refer to find out the prices, apart from the menu in the restaurant's websites.

Pamphlets, booklets, menu lists


It's pretty simple, eh? I don't do much recipes so I guess my personal outdoor 'studio' should be suffice for now. I'm actually thinking of buying more props for food photography such as wallpapers, tea towels and unique plates, but until now the act has been procrastinated.

Anyways, here's an effort to make this post more food-related. I have just finished an intense two weeks prac in RPAH, and it was amazing. However, I'm kinda let down by the food court and restaurants there, as there aren't many choices of meal. It's expensive as well, thus I only tried very limited menu. In Jacaranda Cafe, the wedges are pretty good. The baked fish and vegetable with rice is a healthy choice, but need some sprinkles of salt and pepper. The buttered chicken is satisfying, but lack the punches of spices that I expected.

Left: baked fish & vegetables with rice; right: buttered chicken with rice

This post also includes a very exciting announcement. Well, it's very exciting for me. I'm going home to Jakarta for holiday! My flight will be tomorrow and I'm sure it'll be a three months full of good food that I miss so much and I promise good reviews!

A problem here though, I think I may have too much food to pack. I was planning to bring one suitcase and my backpack only, but I don't think it'll happen.

Food souvernirs

Stay tuned for delicious Indonesian food reviews and I hope you guys will have an amazing holiday. 15 sleeps till Christmas woohoo!

I'll be home for Christmas..

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  1. Dear Irene,

    I think we have a lot of similarities. I like wooden structures too because they are organic, earthy and it says a lot about our personalities - warm, homely, romantic, sensitive, loyal and caring.

    1. Hi ChophinandMysaucepan!

      Wow, glad to know! I wonder if I really have those nice personalities though..hehe.
      Thanks for dropping by! :D

  2. i love seeing behind the scenes on how bloggers take photos too!

    1. Same here!
      Thanks for dropping by, Suze! :D

  3. I never thought about the work that goes into food blogs. I like your dedication. In regards to the food that you are bringing back to Jakarta, are those brands not available there?

    1. Hi Carlyn Girl!
      Thanks a lot. Yeah, I wish food blogging is only about eating and posting, but it takes a lot more processes than that.
      Most of them aren't, but apparently they have St Dalfords there, I just didn't know before heheh.
      Thanks for dropping by! :D

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I often find it difficult to get creative with my home recipe shoots so love some extra inspiration! Btw if you're looking for a great place for cheap props, I always check out Vinnies/thrift stores - they always have a huge supply of stock that changes all the time and very cheap!

    1. You're so welcome, Christine!
      Great stuff, thanks lots for that info! definitely checking them out soon :)
      thanks for dropping by, Christine!

  5. this is such a cool post. Very inspiring, makes me want to do a behind the scene post too!

    1. Thanks a lot, Shanshan! looking forward to see yours posted! :D
      thanks for dropping by!

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