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The Meeting Point, Chinatown - Sydney

Sometimes all we need is just a mountain of delicious pork cubes on rice.

Minced stewed pork rice

After a significant group presentation, and having no lunch box from home, I was in need of a cheap, easy and tasty lunch. A good friend of mine suggested this place, saying that she has dined here for a few times and she's really fond of this restaurant.

The Meeting Point is tucked in the corner of Market City building, secluded from the other shops, so I wasn't sure if the restaurant is indeed a part of Market City. It's very close with UTS Library, which is gonna be the reason of my constant visiting in the future.

The Meeting Point, Chinatown

The interior is simple yet doens't look cheap. The furniture is dominated with wooden material, and the brick walls add rustic ambiance. The friend says that the restaurant reminds her about the restaurants in China, which makes her feel comfy dining here.



Apart from the menu book, there are number of menu boards and papers on the walls. Most of them are hand-written, but unfortunately I can't read most of them as they're written in Chinese. The menu ranges from the usual Chinese dishes to hot pot, noodles, and lighter options such as skewers and salad.

Menu board

We had jellyfish salad as starter and the friend ordered hot pearl milk tea for her drink. I had a sip of the milk tea and it's okay. By that I mean it's not too milky but the tea flavour isn't too strong either. The jellyfish salad is superb: crunchy thin layer of jellyfish, fortified by biting heat and a little bit of tang.

Hot pearl milk tea ($4.8) and jellyfish salad ($5.8)

We both had the $10 lunch menu, and she ordered the stewed minced pork rice set (pork rice with your selection of side dish) saying that this is what Chinese eats in China. So I followed suit.

I had the stewed minced pork rice with deep fried pork chop. I mean, with the only pork selection among others, how can I not choose this one? The pork rice is served on a small bowl, but it's heaped so high that it's threatening to spill all over the table. The juicy cubes of pork and its fat are accompanied by a slice of pickled radish and half seasoned boiled egg. It's a very tasteful, cheerful and easy-on-the-pocket dish. The deep fried pork chop is too thin to my liking, but the batter is crumbly, crunchy, and well-seasoned.

Minced stewed pork rice with deep fried pork chop - $10

The fried had the same one, but with deep fried fish cake instead. The fish cake is chewy, blanketed completely with thin, crispy coat. I still prefer my pork chop though.

Minced stewed pork rice with deep fried fish cake - $10

Overall, the dishes aren't the best that I've had, but somehow the pork rice is still floating around in my mind until now.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Good pork rice, nice selections of menu, ambiance is really nice and cozy, service is flawless, price is affordable.



Shop R1.01B Hay Street, Market City Ground Floor
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9280 3680


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