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Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2012, Centennial Park

Starstruck in 3..2..
Few of the food: cupcakes, rice paper spring rolls, mango salad

Have you ever met your idol? If yes, then you may understand my feeling when I finally meet my favourite and inspirational bloggers in person.

The annual Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic is where myriad of food bloggers come together, circling a point where a huge spread of food is served. I did get an invite last year, but I couldn't make it, so this year was my first. Honestly, although it's really exciting to meet all the people behind every amazing food blogs I follow, I was almost paralyzed by fear as I practically knew no one before.

Of course, that was an unreasonable worry, because I even made friends as soon as I got off the bus on my way to Centennial Park. Long story short, this picnic is about three main things for me:

1. The starstruck.

It truly is a great feeling, meeting the main food bloggers I got inspired from. After following them for years, they're kinda like rock stars in my eyes. Almost couldn't believe it that I was actually talking to them.

2. The new friends.

I think the count of the attendees this year is about 90++. That was a lot of food bloggers alright. I have never seen so many cameras at once before, as taking photos of the food is a food blogger's way of saying grace.

We got name tags, showing our names and blogs. It's fun because then I could identify who is behind which blogs. The ice melted really quickly and it's interesting how conversations flowed easily.


Food bloggers doing their thing

3. The food.

Of course, what do you expect when 90++ food bloggers have a picnic? Nothing less than this, I suspect.

In one point I even wondered, will we finish all of this? Delicious craziness.

Too much food to handle

More food

The food came from us, every one brought one dish to share, and I noticed that the ratio between sweets and savouries was quite different, with sweets dominating. Not complaining here, though.

I brought the aunt's signature risoles and kroket and they disappeared quickly, I couldn't even take photos of my own food. Happy that many liking it though!

kroket risol (cooking crusade)
Risoles and kroket (Irene's Getting Fat!); photo from Cooking Crusade (thanks, Christine!)

Kudos to those Thai chicken in crispy wontons by Sophie from The Sticky and Sweet; I took it first and it's fresh, crunchy, and so delicious.

Clockwise from top left: Thai chicken in crispy wontons (The Sticky and Sweet), finger sandwiches (Tea Thymes), Thai beef salad in white boxes (Food is Our Religion), homemade cheeses (Nic Cooks)

Clockwise from top left: super duper cute Oreo turkeys (Gucci & Gyoza), homemade crunchie bites, red velvet cookies, eggs with avocado and bacon filling

Macarons were heaps. The ones from Ramen Raff gone in a flash, but I'm sure they tasted great. April's (Polkadots and Chopsticks) gingerbread men left my tongue tingling, apparently she put double amount of spices in.

Clockwise from top left: Baroque macs (The Random Foodie), salted caramel macs (Flick Your Food), hazelnut praline & pistachio macs (Ramen Raff), gingerbread men (Polkadots and Chopsticks)

Amazing brownies made appearance as well. I don't know the actual name, but the one with generous amount of dulce de leche from (Gourmet Getaways) is awesome, hands down. So rich, with a bit of crunch on the edges but moist in the inside. There was this one brownie (not pictured) as well, I don't know who brought/made it but bless them, as it is really close to perfection.

Clockwise from top left: dulce de leche brownie (Gourmet Getaways), cookie dough dip (Cooking Crusade), decorated roll cake, piggy strawberry cake (Jen Is Hungry)

Simon from Simon Food Favourites set up his own pop up bar, serving three types of cocktails. I'm not a friend of alcohol (my tolerance level of it is really low), so I didn't try any, but it was so popular!

Simon's SFF pop up bar

Simon from Simon Food Favourites manning his popular pop up bar

I did have sips of this Pimms and lemonade from Citrus and Candy and Raspberri Cupcakes. It's refreshing and sweet, perfect for summer weather like this.

Pimms and lemonade (Citrus and Candy and Raspberri Cupcakes)

And if the food isn't enough, Belly Rumbles team provided take away sweets in small packages. Good idea!

Take away sweets from Belly Rumbles

The feast was concluded by an epic Kris Kringle, one where everyone can steal the other's gifts. It was hilarious, everyone was after the talking cookie jars, but I personally wanted the lens cup so bad! It was in my hands once.. until somebody (mercilessly) took it away from me!

Bottom line, it was such a fun day, I left with much food in my stomach and yet still thinking about dinner. Because that is how a food blogger rolls.

Food bloggers posing; photo by Simon from The Heart of Food

Such a pleasure to meet everyone! Thanks again ChocolateSuze and Helen for organizing. Looking forward to the next year picnic already!

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  1. Such a lovely afternoon - great post Irene! I'm afraid we didn't get to meet up but hopefully next time :)xox

    1. Thanks, Christine!
      I saw u but didn't have a chance to say hello. next time for sure! :)

  2. It was an epic picnic for sure! Thanks for featuring my macs on your blog. Will have to bring more next time :) By the way, those salted caramel macarons were from Flick Your Food.

    1. Ur macs were gone too fast! u will have to do triple batch of them next time ;)
      thanks for the info n thanks for dropping by, Raff! :)

  3. Good to finally put a face to the blog name! I didn't realise you were in attendance until Kris Kringle had started...thought you were still in Indonesia =p And now I also know who those delicious kroket came from!

    1. Hehehe, I actually saw u but didn't have a chance to say hello.
      Thanks for dropping by, Rita! :)

  4. Great round up Irene! Shame we didn't meet but hopefully we can in anothe rmeet up. Love your photos :)

    1. We actually walked together when u first arrived and led us to the concrete slab hehe but I didn't introduce myself, next time for sure!
      thanks for dropping by, Tina! :)

  5. I tried one of your risoles and it was amazing! Such an impressively thin crepe wrapped and deep-fried to a delicate crunch. So glad you could make it - and yes our picnics are always a hectic feast :D

    1. It tastes so much better when it's freshly fried!
      Thanks lots to u too, Helen! :)

  6. Glad to see that you could finally make it this time around. These gathers are always good value on many levels :)

    1. Me too!
      Really nice to see u on the picnic and thanks for dropping by, Simon! :)

  7. absolutely LOVED the croquettes! i wish i had a whole box of them right now! thanks heaps for coming!

    1. Really glad that u liked them!
      Thanks lots to u too, Suze! :)

  8. great wrap-up :) was such a good event

  9. This is a crazy (food) paradise! The event seemed super nice, and btw Irene, can I have the risoles and kroket puhliss (with cherry on top)? :D

    1. The event was unforgettable, indeed! Jakartan food bloggers should do this too, really, it'll be so much fun!
      hehehehe come here n I'll ask my aunt to make some :p
      Thanks for dropping by, Prawn!

  10. i loved the kroket! yummo. i've realised how many people i didn't meet!

    1. Glad that u enjoyed it, Muppy!
      Didn't have a chance to meet u, next time for sure! :)
      Thanks for dropping by!

  11. What an awesome day. Glad you enjoyed the cookies :)

  12. Ah what a lovely blog post! The picnic was amazing. Still kinda buzzing from it looking at all our recount posts :) glad to see my sandwiches & salad in your piccies!

    1. Hahaha me too!
      Oh wow, the sandwiches were moreish, I really enjoyed them.
      Thanks for dropping by, Sophie! :)

  13. What a great story! It was my first bloggers picnic also, I was so pleased to be able to attend and meet everyone.

    Your croquettes were absolutely amazing! I would love to have the recipe, you will have to post it on your site for me ;)
    ...oh and I think Mr GG had at least 3!

    1. Couldn't agree more.
      Glad that u enjoyed them! Let me ask the aunt & hopefully she'll give me her secret recipe! :p
      Thanks for dropping by, Julie! :)

  14. This all looks amazingly delicious! I too wouldn't complain about the dominating sweetness ;) The Macarons all looks so lovely ;)


    1. They're all delicious! hehehe.
      Thanks for dropping by, Toni-Yvonne! :D

  15. looks like you had a really nice day, irene!
    I wish there's something like this too in Jakarta.

    1. I definitely had, James!
      That's exactly my thought! let's try organizing an event like this for Jakartan foodies, what do u think?

  16. yay! thanks for sharing my thai beef salad boxes! was lovely to meet you that weekend even if it was brief!

    1. I didn't get to taste one, u should bring more next time! Lovely to meet u, thanks for dropping by, Shanshan! :D


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