Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Smoyö Frozen Yoghurt, Chinatown - Sydney

Chocolate, milk tea, and caramel milk froyo.
Smoyo frozen yoghurt

Do I get your attention now? It's true. Now we have another contender in frozen yoghurt trend in Sydney, ladies and gentlemen! While the others offer more basic fruity flavours, Smoyö takes a different path which I'm sure a lot of people will be happy about.

Located conveniently at about 1 metre from Eating World food court entrance, it seems popular and quite catchy with blue and white coloured stand.

Smoyo, Eating World food court

It has self-serve concept: grab a cup, swirl your chosen flavour, add some topping, and weight it in. If I am not mistaken, it's $2.8 for 100 grams.

It's the flavour options that grab my utmost attention. I've never really enjoyed milk tea, but milk tea flavoured yoghurt? It would be a shame not to try a lick. They also have the fruity flavours: pomegranate, mango, coconut, kiwi, lychee, etc. The milkier options offered are chocolate, milk tea, and cereal milk. They also have the combination between two flavours, for example mango+coconut like pictured below.

Self serve froyo machine

The topping bar is always confusing, I never know when to stop piling small slices of watermelon, or crunchy cornflakes, or cute popping pearls in my cup.

The selections here are a bit limited compared to other froyo joints, but they sure have the interesting ones such as popping candy and mango popping pearls which I have never seen before in a froyo topping bar.

Topping selections


I went there three times. The first one had me enjoying lychee froyo, completed with mango, rock melon, and cornflakes. It's not as sour as I expected, it has slight milky notes that I enjoyed very much.

Lychee froyo with cornflakes, mango and rockmelon toppings - about $4

The second one is when I didn't have a camera with me, not even the small one. I had a small serving of milk tea froyo with some cornflakes, and I surprisingly finished it without any struggle, given that I don't enjoy milk tea very much. It's light, milky, and will definitely be a mini heaven for a milk tea connoisseurs. I am well aware of the rule: 'picture or it didn't happen', but just believe me in this one OK?

The third visit was on a perfect day for a cold snack, so I got a bigger cup this time. I picked mango and chocolate froyo, with some mango popping pearls, cornflakes, and melon. It may seem weird to have both in a cup, but actually it works okay although I definitely prefer them being separated.

The chocolate one is my absolute favourite; give me this on a cone as a soft serve ice cream, and I would believe it. It's amazing how it doesn't taste like yoghurt, it's so milky and chocolatey while being airy light, just like soft serve. It's not sickeningly sick as well, it actually has a minor but lovely bitterness brush. It's perfect with cornflakes, BTW.

The mango one is a close second favourite, very contrasting to the chocolate. It's refreshing, and leaves a subtle acidic note on the tip of your tongue.

Chocolate and mango froyo with cornflakes, melon, and mango pearls - about $8

I am still curious about the cereal milk flavour, I'll be sure to get some on my next visit.

Being the closest froyo joint to my uni, now I know where to stop by to get my froyo craving fixed.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Shop 219 Eating World 25-29 Dixon St
Haymarket, NSW 2000

Web: www.smoyo.com.au
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Smoyofroyo

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  1. There's actually one opened in chatswood westfield recently but i still havent been because i thought it wouldnt be any different to other chains. But milk tea and cereal milk flavour?!?!? Seriously have to check it out soon!

    1. They're totally worth the try! You'll love the milk tea one if you usually enjoy the drink :)

  2. ren, that cup of yoghurts surely made me drool !

  3. Those mango pearls look deeelish. And I love the self serve idea - I think I'd go nuts haha.

    1. yeah, self-control is important for this kind of self serve yoghurt bar :)


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