Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gong Cha, Sydney

What do you do with your spare coins?
QQ passionfruit green tea, from Gong Cha

Some people love to save them, some ignore them, and some collect them to buy something. The coins are, for me, quite valuable. It's true that a mere 10 cents can buy you nothing, but if you have 3 of them you can actually buy a Maccas' soft serve (I'm pretty sure I saw that somewhere).

But no, I won't be talking about Maccas' soft serve on the next paragraphs to come, because I have better reason to save my spare coins: I buy drinks from this kind of tea joint. This time, it's Gong Cha.

Gong Cha is a fairly new tea joint tucked in George St., among others enticing eateries and cafes. It's founded in Taiwan in 2006, and now they have over 200 branches mostly in South East Asia countries, with Korea is also on the list.

Gong Cha, George St.


The store has a small area to sit around and sucking the pearls from your drinks, but there aren't many seatings available. It looks quite cosy though, a great spot to rest your tired feet after window shopping.

Their menu is divided into 6 main categories: Gong Cha signature, brewed tea, health tea, milk tea, creative mix, and yoghurt series. Had I have penchant in milk tea, I would've chosen the milk foam tea, which looks fancy with clear tea topped with white, frothy foam on top.

But unfortunately, I am not a good friend of milk tea.

Inside the store

Like the other tea joints, they also let you custom the sweetness and the ice level of your drink. I always have mine with all normal level, mostly because I don't like to do complicated order.

I chose QQ passionfruit green tea, and because I didn't know that QQ means pearl and jelly toppings, I added aloe vera. And that makes a really crowded cup, every straw-full is filled with a bit of every topping.

The drink is refreshing, soothing a thirsty throat in no time. It has nice sweetness level as well, and a bit of acidic notes. I like the addition of passionfruit pulps inside as well, and all the toppings are good chewing items. I think this has become my fav drink from tea joints, so far.

QQ passionfruit green tea ($4.7) with extra aloe vera ($0.5)

That was my first visit to Gong Cha, and definitely won't be the last.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



601 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000


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  1. di CP jg bru buka kan..
    you must try yoghurt green tea nya deh. enakk!

    1. mmm gue ga tau deh, gue cuma tau ada gong cha di jakarta hehehe.
      will do! Thanks Cend! :D

  2. There are soo many awesome tea places to try out now, I don't know where to go first! hehe

    1. I know! don't worry u're not alone LOL :)


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