Friday, 19 October 2012

Instant Ddeokbokki Review

Blame it to my laziness.
Instant ddeokbokki final product

Sometimes I can't be bothered to make something decent for lunch, but I don't feel like buying either. So what do I resort to then? Instant things. But instant noodles are boring, why not make something a bit more troublesome but tastier result?

This instant ddeokbokki was bought at a Korean groceries, I've longed to make my own interpretation of this fav Korean street food but laziness got the better of me. It's really nice to find such a practical package, and it made a tasty lunch too.

The package

There are only two sub-packages inside: the sauce and the rice cakes. Just below the rice cakes are thin strips of fish cakes, but I also bought a long piece of it to be added to the plate.

What's inside

There are three steps to make it: open the package, stir, wait. The rice cakes at first clumped to each other and refused to let go, so we gotta wait.


And here's how it looked like after about 20 mins stirring. Do you notice that the sauce doesn't really cover all the ingredients nicely? I reckon it's because I put too many fish cake slices, the sauce amount is only reserved for the rice cakes and those tiny sheets of fish cakes included in the package.


Boiled eggs would be nice as a companion, but I managed to produce soft boiled eggs which I failed to crack. Maybe it's not soft enough to be cracked nicely but isn't hard enough to be peeled completely. Oh well. Scooping the rice cakes onto the yolk is pleasurable enough for me.

The finished ddeokbokki itself is decent. The sauce is very close with the usual ddeokbokki sauce I enjoy from restaurants, although lacking some heat I would really love. The slippery sensation from the sauce coating the chewy rice cakes makes the eating experience enjoyable, and I found myself unable to stop at one mouthful of the small, slippery white log.

Final product

Given another chance, I'll try making this again, but I'll keep in mind not to put many other ingredients to produce abundant sauce.

So tell me, what is your favourite instant meal? Have you ever tried this kind of instant ddeokbokki before?


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  1. this sounds much more fun than instant noodles, yes! :)

  2. Dear Irene,

    Until today I have never heard of ddeobokki and you got me really curious now for my next trip to the Asian grocer.

    1. if you like spicy, chewy things you're missing out! it's a very popular Korean street food :)

  3. it looks so tempting. i actually haven't heard something like this before.
    i don't think there's something like this in jakarta hehe.

    thanks for sharing irene :D

    1. yeah, I've never found anything like this in Jakarta too.
      U're so welcome, James! :)


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