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Fairfield South American Culinary Carnivale, Crave SIFF 2012

What do you know about South American food?
The (lovely) man with the chorizo

To be honest, I don't know much. Sure, I'm familiar with chorizo, dulce de leche, empanada, and churros, but that's about it. So when I found a poster about Fairfield South American Culinary Festival, I knew I was definitely coming.

This family event is a part of the amazing events line-up of this year Crave SIFF. Hosted my my living suburb, it's not one to be missed for me. The weather that day was soooo gorgeous, blue sky with cool breeze and sunshine. It couldn't get much better than that for an outing day.

Family day out in a gorgeous day

The first thing I saw was a band of gorgeous girls and boys, dancing and clapping cheerfully with
picturesque blue & white outfits, while also smiling to the numerous cameras snapping at them. What a great way to start a festival!

Dancers and the musicians

There are some colourful stands there, but it wasn't hard to point the ones with food: go with the queues.

My starter was Paula's Empanadas cheese fried empanada. Empanada is stuffed baked or fried pastry, very popular in Western Europe and Latin America. There are different names for it in countries in Southeast Asia, and we Indonesians have a similar snack called pastel.

Paula empanadas stand

I super heart this one. The pastry is flaky and crunchy without being oily, and stretchy cheese has never failed to kick me into food heaven. Should've tried their beef empanada as well.

Fried cheese empanada - $3

Second stop was La Torre Cakes stand, they were also quite popular, especially with the plates of display of their sweet treats.

La Torre Cakes

Caramel horns

Caramel cakes

From what I noticed, the words 'dulce de leche' dominated their menu list. And so I point a dulce de leche roll for a pre-dessert. It is really sweet, almost over my sweetness threshold, but so good I didn't even complain. The hero is of course the caramel, it's generously given and so sinfully delicious.

Caramel roll

Sold by the explanation of the waitress about this bread ("It's bread with pork crackling"), I grabbed one chicharron which only cost me a golden coin. Said to be the favourite amongst Argentinians and Uruguayans, this is literally a bread with delicious, salty pork crackling. It's nice eaten alone, but it's even better eaten with dipping sauce or soup. The South Americans often enjoy a piece of this bread in the afternoon with a kind of herbal tea called 'mate'.

Chicharron (pork crackling bread) - $1

The asado or the BBQ is on the heart of the festival, just as promised. It was quite early, but it was my lunchtime already. The BBQ guys only offer 3 menus: BBQ ribs, grilled chicken with bread and salad, and chorizo in bread roll.

They all sounded really nice, but I thought it's best to pick something easy to be eaten while walking around. These men were so serious in grilling the good stuff, I was so assured that they really know what they're doing. And I wasn't wrong.

The asado - South American BBQ

The chorizo in bread roll won my heart without even trying. The sausage is grilled perfectly, although lacking some spicy kicks that I was anticipating. It's more that just tasty though, with slightly crunchy surface and super juicy innards. The bread roll is the perfect vehicle for the sausage, and the special sauce makes every bite memorable. I could've downed three of these at least. If only the queue wasn't that crazy.

Chorizo in bread roll - $5

And I thought the queue on the BBQ stand was crazy. Dos Churros was obviously the most popular stand of the day, with more than 3 metres queue lining up to get their hands on the freshly made churros. I thought I was early, but apparently I wasn't early enough to avoid the line.

Dos Churros stand

Apparently I wasn't early enough

Does it worthy the wait though? Oh God, yes!

The churros are the best I've ever had, hands down. They're crunchy, not oily whatsoever, and sprinkles of cinnamon sugar makes them even more lovable. They have the melt-in-the-mouth quality, just like a freshly fried donut. The chocolate dipping sauce is good on its own, and its a toothsome ointment for the moreish snacks. I even sipped the sauce straight from the cup.

Chocolate pack: three churros with chocolate dipping sauce - $8

And here are some other stands toning up the festival:

South American drinks

Coffee & ice cream stand

Handmade crafts on sale

I did learn one or two about South American food that day, but I'm still willing to learn some more. To me, South American food is still unfamiliar, exotic, but undoubtedly delicious!

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Shop 2/9 Barbara St, Fairfield
NSW 2165

Phone: (02) 9726 2379

La Paula on Urbanspoon


1/9 Nelson Street
Fairfield NSW 2165

Phone: (02) 9724 4565

La Torre on Urbanspoon

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  1. Wow! What a festive latin cuisine fiesta! South Americans sure know how to create sinful treats, but heck! It's worth the calories...especially the empanadas & melt-in-your-mouth churros! And they seem generous with the dip too, so unlike the stingy local Churreria hehe

    1. Very well said, Elly! :D
      oo yeah those was the best churros I've had, waaaaay better than the local churros chains in Jakarta hehe :p

  2. Churros! :9 You sure made everything simple, looks delish here.


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