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Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato, Enmore - Sydney

The tale speaks the truth.
Gelato selections

Now I wish I live in Enmore/Stanmore/Newtown area.

Following an epic Turkish feast at the Sultan's Table, the cousins dragged me to the neighbouring gelato store, Cow & the Moon, dubbing their gelato as the best that they've tried. Somehow the small place gives romantic vibes and antique feeling, with the black walls and dim lights.

Cow & The Moon, Enmore


They have few tables inside, but also few more on the outside. The counter has the things I often dream about: pretty sweet treats, gelato cakes display, and of course, the gelato selections. The decorations is kinda rustic but cute at the same time. I'm also pretty impressed with the service, the waitress who was serving us was smiling in friendly manner all the time, whilst offering us small spoons of flavour tastings.

Interesting menu board & cute decor


We're absolutely spoilt for choice. Their flavour range isn't as wide as Messina's, but judging from their popularity, I know it would be remarkable.

Divided into two parts, they offer the creamy gelato flavours and the sorbets.

Gelato selections

Sorbet selections

The price is slightly higher than your usual gelato chains, but it's so worth it. They set $4.5 for small serve, $5.9 for medium, and $7.4 for large. I'm not sure if you have to choose two flavour for each cup/cone, but it seemed to be everyone's move that night. Here's a rundown of the flavours I managed to try; the similarity between them is that all of the gelato I've tried is so smooth ans silky.

Classic chocolate - it is how chocolate gelato should taste like, everyone reckon in unison. It's quite intense, but I just wished there's more sweetness cutting through the lovely bitterness.

Banana caramel - I've never thought banana flavoured gelato can be this awesome. It's creamy, full of banana-y goodness, even better with ribbons of caramel. It'll leave you licking your cup clean.

Banana caramel & chocolate

Paasionfruit - I got kinda blurry memory for this one. All I remember is it's really enjoyable and I didn't find it to be too sweet.

Ginger & lime - the cousins loved this. For me, the ginger is a bit too overwhelming for the lime, although it's unique and refreshing.

Passionfruit (up) and ginger & lime (below)

Hazelnut - hands down my fav of the night. It's almost like eating Nutella straight from the jar, only better. It isn't as intense as a spoonful of pure Nutella, which makes me feeling less guilty demolishing the cup. It practically sends delicious shivers through my body.

Affogato - absolute yumminess. The coffee flavour isn't too intense, with perfect balance of sweetness, finished with delicious crunch from the crumbed biscuits (or maybe nuts).

Lemon sorbet - it has such a high kick of tang it may make you wince, but it'll leave you with delicious and refreshing note on the tip of your tongue.

Hazelnut & banana caramel

In summary, I love this place to bits. The gelato is the very definition of pleasure on its own. After all, all of those awards have to say something, right?


I think Cow & the Moon may give Messina a run for their money.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 5/5 (Must visit)
Exceptional gelato (you will not regret trying, believe me), price is a bit higher but very worth it, ambiance is cozy and romantic, service is flawless.



181 Enmore Road
Enmore, NSW

Phone: (02) 9557 4255

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  1. omg omg . what a heaven of sweets! aduh itu foto2 nya bagus banget yaa..

    1. totally! if u have sweet tooth, you'll definitely love this place. and thanks much for the compliment, Cend Woo! :)

  2. I've always been fascinated by gelato and sorbet xD

    Lama juga gak buka blog lu, Rin! Good thing lu tetep semangat nulis. Gak tau kenapa tapi gw selalu suka liat temen2 semangat nulis LOL, call it a writer's empathetic bond or something~

    1. Me too! :D

      Hehehe I'm not really a writer though. I can't produce magical stories like you can :)


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