Monday, 24 September 2012

The Sultan's Table, Enmore - Sydney

Turkish cuisine is something new for me.
Mixed dips (large)

And I love trying food I've never eaten before. It's exciting, especially because I usually don't know what I'm expecting.

Not with this one though. The Sultan's Table got 92% likes rating on Urbanspoon, with over 600 people voted, so the benchmark is already set highly. I didn't really eat Turkish before, but at least I'm familiar with the words 'hummus' or 'baba ganush' or 'pide'.

So we were there for a birthday dinner of a beloved cousin, and she couldn't have chosen a better place.

The Sultan's Table signage

Once you go in, the place is deceivingly small, but again you may not notice about the interior because you may be attracted immediately by the pide making station, where the chefs make fresh baked bread and pide. The arrays of colourful dips are also very distracting.

They have extended seatings on the backyard, which was very quickly become packed when I was there, but it may be better to do booking especially if you're coming with large groups. There's no decoration whatsoever on the table, probably because we won't have enough space even for a small vase of flowers due to over-ordering here. Believe me, once you've tried their food, over-ordering may be a very usual occasion.


Mixed dips platter is a very good stuff to kick off the feast. They have every dips I'm familiar with, and some more. Here are what I managed to identify: hummus, babaganush, tzatziki, parsley, chilli, beetroot, carrot, and eggplant.

Every dip is remarkable on their own way, but my fav would be the chilli which has delicious kick. The beetroot one is also favourited among the table, among with the hummus and the eggplant (the one in the middle).

Large mixed dips - $22

The means to the dips isn't inferior either; the Turkish bread is clearly freshly baked, it's fluffy with slightly crunchy edges. I can actually stop at these two and not ordering other menus.

But we were there for a feast, so read on.

Turkish bread basket - $3

Like I said, ordering the dips and bread is a really good idea, not just because they're incredible but also because the food can come a bit slow, especially if they're totally packed. By the time our food came, the place's noise level was quite high and those who are seeking quiet place can be disappointed.

Pide is basically Middle Eastern flat bread. Here, the pides are, hands down, amazing. We ordered three kinds of them yesterday and not one let us down. The bread is fluffy and delicious on its own, but the filling makes the world seems to stop spinning for a while.

I didn't get to try the spinach pide (spinach, cheese, egg, parsley), but it looks toothsome and smells mouthwatering.

Spinach pide - $13.5

The garlic pide (garlic, cheese, parsley) doesn't really have that sweet smell of garlic, but I can never fault fresh bread with oozy cheese and parsley.

Garlic pide - $9.5

The superior one between the three is the sucuklu, filled with tasty Turkish sausage, sexy egg and melting cheese. I couldn't take more snaps of them because they were too popular among the table, we all went head over heels for these ones.

Sucuklu pide (Turkish sausage, cheese, egg and parsley) - $13.5

The falafel is the only minor let down of the dinner; it has crunchy shell but a bit dry. It comes with bread, hummus, fresh tabouli and salad.

Falafel - $13

And then we remembered that we barely ate any meat, so the mixed kebab (comes with bread, hummus, tabouli, and salad) was ordered. The meat is a mixed of chicken, lamb, and something else which I can't identify. Overall, it's a nice mix of protein, all of the meat is tender and seasoned very well, and goes perfectly with the condiments provided.

Mixed kebab - $18

We had dessert at the Cow & the Moon next door (which I will post soon), but I managed to try their baklava. It is really lovely, but the syrup makes the insulin in my body works extra hard. It's too sweet for my liking, less syrup would've made the baklava perfect.

Anyway it was such a great Turkish feast, all of the food is more than decent, but the dips and the pides steal the spotlights. Moreover, we ordered so much (plus one or two extra plates of pide) and it only cost the 11 of us about $15 per head.

I came with high expectations, and highly scored food is what I got. And now I can't stop thinking about pide.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 4.5/5 (Very recommended)
Great Turkish dishes (the pides are must try), affordable price, service is friendly although food takes some time to come out, ambiance is nice for groups, esp. if you don't mind noise.



179 Enmore Rd
Enmore, NSW 02042

Phone: (02) 9557 0229

Sultan's Table on Urbanspoon

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  1. It's nice to see this place mentioned!! It's one of Sydney's sneaky good-cheap-eats places I think, their dips and grilled meats are to die for. Just looking at your photos is making me hungry.

    1. True!
      Even making this post made my mouth water hehe :)

  2. Dear Irene,

    The meat is mix of chicken,lamb and something else you can't identify? Oh dear, hope it's not llama or yak, lol!

    I don't have a sweet tooth so something remotely baklava would actually make me a little sick. The pide looks good but I need a nice curry or rendang to dip it into though.

    1. LOL let's hope that's not the case!
      that's a brilliant idea, but actually the pide is already quite rich! :)

  3. Great review! A work colleague was telling me about this exact place the other week, she said it was her fave Turkish joint. Will have to try it out! :)

    1. Thanks, Christine!
      I think u would love it, try the pide! :)

  4. omg drooling!! nice post ren :)


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