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Sydney Food Trucks - Cantina Mobil, Eat Art Truck & Agape Organic Food Truck

I had been hunting them down.
Spelt chocolate brownie from Agape Organic Food Truck

Not on a scary note, it's on an exciting note. But after few months missing them although I've been keeping watch on their schedule, I almost lost my will.

So these three magical trucks are parts of the ten Sydney Food Trucks, which have been serving Sydney's streets for a few months now. They aren't the dodgy kind of food trucks, they are the must-try ones. Each of them is serving different kind of food, but the one with the most reviews is the Eat Art Truck. After stalking their Twitter for some time, the little birdie said that they'd be trading on UTS Open Day few weeks ago, along with the other two. Yay! So of course I'm coming, vowing to get at least one dish from each truck, as an appetizer before a lunch with the mother.

To make it short, they met my expectation. And it wasn't low, I'm telling you, as I've read so many reviews about them and no one says bad thing.

Cantina Mobil is the Mexican one, offering simple selections of taco, burrito, nachos, and chilli corn. They also have the ice pops which seem to be popular among the customers. The truck has an eye-catching arrow shaped lamp on the very top, making it very easy to be spotted at night.

Top: Cantina Mobil, bottom: the menu

Here's the appetizer of the day: hard shell taco with chipotle beef filling. It's just so loveable; crunchy shell paired with very flavoursome, tender shredded beef, and crispy lettuce. I just can't get over how tasty the chipotle beef filling is.

Hard shell taco with chipotle beef - $5

No introduction needed for Eat Art Truck. It's one of the most popular food trucks, and by looking at the menu you can see why. The blokes were super friendly and cheeky, they even offered to do poses to get into the pictures. A low point is that the counter is too high for me, it's quite annoying to extend my neck for a few minutes to order.

Eat Art Truck and its friendly staff

I couldn't decide whether to get the pulled pork bun or the chicken wings, but finally settled on the earlier.


The pulled pork bun with mustard cabbage deserves its popularity and hype; and at first I was quite amazed at the size of this delicious baby. The bun is soft and a perfect vessel for the luscious, generously given pulled pork. The mustard cabbage makes a faultless pair, and the hot sauce I ordered doesn't disappoint either. I seriously thin that this has to be the best pulled pork bun I've had. But I don't get the two lonely sticks of carrot on the side.

Pulled pork in  a bun with mustard cabbage - $12

The Agape Organic Food Truck seems to be the quietest, but that didn't reduce my excitement to try some of their organic goods.

Agape Organic Food Truck

The menu is filled with delicious-sounding menus, and of course all is organic. I would love to try their pizzas, but a big feat was awaiting so I just grabbed the dessert that had won my heart the time I saw it on the menu. As much as I was tempted by the sight of fairy floss everywhere, the brownie sounded even better.


It was an honor to be served directly by Chef Simon Lawson from Agape Restaurant, and the spelt chocolate brownie made my eating experience even better.

It's one of the best brownie I've had so far, but it doesn't stop at that point. The cream, sprinkled with crushed nuts and sugar, takes the dessert to another level, and the chocolate fudge sauce is just the cherry on the cake. Super orgasmic, super chocolatey, super to-die-for.

Spelt chocolate brownie - $8

So overall, that was a highly scored three course meal from the food trucks. It was started on a high note, and continued to an even better direction. This is a really good street food. My suggestion if you see any of the food truck is: just grab them quick.


Cantina Mobil:
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Agape Organic Food Truck:
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Twitter: Agape Organic Food Truck

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  1. you must know that while i'm reading this i am drooling! i'm a sweet tooth and the brownie looks really really good.

    Putri Soe

    1. Hi Putri!
      Hehehe, my bad! but it's really good :9

  2. Sydney has got its own foodtrucks now!

    Why am I getting the vibe that Agape is the least cool one. Judging from the name, the lonely photo, and the fact that their menu is confusing.

    While the rest is supa-drooling. How's the hot sauce in pulled pork taste?

    1. It was the loneliest one among the three on that day, but that brownie is out of this world. i'm not sure about the other menu though, hehehe.

      the hot sauce was great, it has a bite and perfect with that bun. come visit Sydney and try them! :)


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