Tuesday, 18 September 2012

N2 Extreme Gelato, Chinatown - Sydney

Gelato has never looked this geeky.
Buttered popcorn gelato - $6

At a glance, you may not realize that you're walking past a gelato store. It has beakers and flasks on the table, the crews are wearing lab coats, and not to mention the huge liquid nitrogen tubes; is this place a chemistry lab?

No, it's not. It's the most happening gelato place nowadays, N2 Extreme Gelato. Why is it extreme? I'm assuming because they make the gelato as fresh as it can be, frozen instantly with the power of liquid nitrogen which is stored in those two huge tanks.

Clockwise from top left: N2 signage, the liquid nitrogen tubes, flasks with gelato mixture, beakers with ingredients

This isn't your regular gelato shop; forget the pick-and-scoop system, all gelato is made with a Kitchen Aid upon your order. The downside is of course you need to wait longer for your gelato, but you won't be bored waiting, not when they start mixing the liquid nitrogen into the mixer. Smoke, cold smoke everywhere.

Gelato making process; look at the smoke resulted from liquid nitrogen usage

Kitchen Aid doing the magic

Scooping the freshly made gelato

Like I said, this place is so very happening right now, so maybe you want to avoid lunch crowd.

Post-lunchtime crowd

The menu is limited, but it sure is very catchy. The flavours are mostly unusual; expect your classic flavours with a twist (or two). Apparently they change the flavours every couple of weeks.

Menu board

Rosemary's Baby (rosemary and honey) is my fav so far, the gelato itself is really light and smooth, it's so fragrant, and the sweetness level is perfect. It melts rather quickly though, I believe that's what you get when you instant-freeze gelato with the liquid nitrogen.

Rosemary's Baby (rosemary and honey) - $6

It was my first time trying such an unusual flavour like buttered popcorn. The smooth, vanilla-ey gelato is bombarded with mini bits of real buttered popcorns, which is really nice at first but after a while I'm craving for more of the gelato than the popcorn bits.

Buttered popcorn - $6

The second visit saw me and a friend with a cup each. The blueberry cheesecake has real blueberries added (I saw them adding those), it has really strong cheesecakey flavour which I'm not really fond of. The friend was head over heel for this one though. My cigar smoked Hainanese coffee is really good, the coffee gelato is as smooth as it can be, but the coffee flakes aren't too enjoyable for me although they aren't bitter.

Left: blueberry cheesecake ($6); right: cigar smoked Hainanese coffee ($6)

If there's one flavour I'm always rooting for, it's their mango gelato. It looks so nice but it's either sold out or not available yet after my first visit. This guarantees another visit, I think.

If only chemistry is always this fun and tasty, I probably don't mind being a scientist.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Attractive making process, the gelato is freshly made and taste nice (esp. if you like exotic flavours), price is reasonable, ambiance is nice although a bit dark, service is very friendly and informative.



43/1 Dixon St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Web: www.n2extremegelato.com.au

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  1. The gelato here is fantastically creamy. The chocolate is so great.

    1. haven's tried the choc! mmm this demands more revisits then! ;)


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