Sunday, 30 September 2012

Miscellaneous Eats #5

Are you enjoying these warm days?

To be really honest, I'm not. These hot days in Sydney are too dry, making my skin and lips to chap very easily, very different with the high humidity days I'm used to in Jakarta. Anyways it's long weekend this week yay! Let's hope for the weather not to become too hot, yeah?
So here are the bits I've come across this month.

1. Mie Goreng (Indonesian instant fried noodles) in a cup.

I really have never seen this in Indo. Wondering if it's only for exporting purposes, but nevertheless it's a quick and tasty snack (or a meal, you choose).

Mie goreng in a cup

2. Hainanese roasted chicken rice from Singapore Shiok.

Singapore Shiok is one of the many food stalls at Eating World food court, Chinatown. They actually have the steamed version of this menu, but I was hoping for crunchy chicken skin. And I didn't get it, to my dismay. The chicken is aromatic and tender, but the whole ensemble lack some punches, it's too bland if the chilli sauce and soy sauce didn't make appearance.

Hainanese roast chicken rice from Singapore Shiok, Eating World Food Court

3. Some stuff from Sydney International Airport.

So yeah, the mother had gone back and I'm left once again. The last meal included some tasty sushi rolls from Azakaze, chips from Red Rooster, and my fav juice chain ever, Boost. We also got a bit scared because there was a suspicious-looking, black bag being left for hours on the same seat line we were sitting at. I was getting to the security guy when a man came and claimed that bag. Imagine if there's something like explosive there, being left on purpose *shudder*.

Sushi rolls from Azakaze, chips from Red Rooster, berries smoothie from Boost: Sydney International Airport

4. Homemade ambokue.

I know you must be wondering what this weird-named food is. Ambokue is almost like a specialty from Bandung, the capital city of West Java. The main building blocks are the fried cakes, which kinda taste and look like radish cake/carrot cake. Adding to the crowd are roasted pork, pig ear, egg, sausage, and cucumber. It's served with a thick, flavorsome gravy, and best eaten when it's hot.

Homemade ambokue

5. Homemade beef curry pie.

Nope, it's not an UFO. The aunt was really kind to make us some beef curry pies using her pie maker, along with frozen pastry. The taste is still out of this world really. The filling made all the difference.

Homemade beef curry pie

6. Kimbap (Korean sushi roll), samgak kimbap (triangle shaped rice), and grape juice from Harmony Mart.

Last week had been really hectic for me. From one group meeting to another, I barely had 30 minutes to get decent lunch on a plate. That was until the fried told me about this small yet fabulous Korean groceries mart nearby campus. What a find! They have everything I need: small but filling lunch and many other refreshments. The kimbap is really good, they're tasty without making me craving water so much after consumption. And the can drinks are only $1. Boo yeah.

Kimbap (Korean sushi roll), samgak kimbap, and grape juice from Harmony Mart

So are you bracing yourself for the next wave of hot days? I know I am. Gotta buy tubes of ice cream and juices soon.


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Shop 213, 25-29 Dixon St
Haymarket, NSW 2000

Singapore Shiok on Urbanspoon


16 - 18 Quay St.
Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9281 4831

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  1. the UFO pies look so cute!

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    1. u're so welcome! exchange link, done! :)


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