Saturday, 8 September 2012

La Cour Patisserie Baking Kit: Oatmeal & Chocolate Chips Cookies

My fav thing to bake? Cookies.
Freshly baked cookies

Baking cookies is so easy. You can mix the ingredients without any utensils, just by hands, and yield some nice tasting cookies. You can do the measure flexibly, no need to make it right on the dot. You can even make cookies with a microwave! And cookies are my all-season comfort food. You see, the winter has come to and end, the spring's warmth has begun slowly. I don't particulary have a comfort food for Spring, so cookies it is.

You may remember my post about GFWS where I get this amazing baking kit from La Cour Patisserie. The individual box is sold at $13-ish, but we shared a gourmet gift pack which cost us $30 and it got four baking kits, so practically each box cost $7.5. It's relatively expensive for a baking kit, but the result is way better than the cheaper ones.

It's super easy, only took me about 1 hr, including tidying up the mess. The oatmeal and chocolate cookies baking kit comprises of two packets: the mixture and chocolate chips. All I needed to add is 75gr of butter and 1 large egg.

The ingredients

The baking process is suitable for a 10-year-old. Mix them together well, make into balls, bake. Easy as 1 2 3.

I did feel a  bit worried because I thought the mixture is a bit too dry, I was thinking to add some milk but finally they all came together nicely.

Mixture (without choc chips)
Mixture with choc chips

The oven in the aunt's kitchen is older than I am. It works really well on grilling and toasting, but I never bake using it. It's quite a challenge, but after some burnt edges I managed to get the perfect temp.

My first batch was bigger in size, and then I realized if I continued making them in this size I wouldn't end up with many cookies.

Bigger sized cookies

And so I made the cuter ones. Excuse the dodgy-looking oven.

Uncooked cookies in the oven

The result is bite-sized, super addictive cookies. They aren't too sweet, and the oatmeal gives nice textural variation. They were quite chewy after 10-mins resting time, but after a while they're almost as hard as a rock. I wonder what I did wrong.

Bite-sized cookies

But they're still very yummy. Perfect eaten with some warm milk, Milo, ice cream, juice, or anything you fancy.

Now, bring on the Spring.


I still have the brownie baking kit which I'll make soon, so stay tuned.

Anyway, do you like baking cookies? Do share your fav recipe!


La Cour Patisserie:

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  1. i once tried making my own batch of cookies but it expanded into more than i expected.. how to make it tiny bits size like yours?

    1. maybe too much baking powder?don't take my word though coz I'm far from experience baker hehe.
      I just made smaller balls, they did expand but they're still small enough.

  2. Dear Irene,

    Your cookies look pretty awesome but being a baking tragic, I think I'd better stick to admiring yours!

    1. Aw thank you ChopinandMysaucepan! :)
      you have a pretty amazing cooking skill yourself!


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