Saturday, 15 September 2012

La Cour Patisserie Baking Kit: Chocolate Chunks Brownie

What will you do to erase the awkwardness between group mates?
Brownie made with La Cour Patisserie baking kit

Food does the wonder, for my case.

So here's my story. Once I was assigned in a group for a particular assignment, and fortunately I've known two of the three people very well. The problem is, they were completely strangers to each other. Which made the working time very awkward. So I brought them some Asian cookies (which I love) to a meeting one day, and apparently they all liked the cookies too. And then the ice just melted. We chatted while nibbling the cookies, and we even went for lunch together after that meeting. Amazing how food can make such effect, right?

But no, I didn't make the brownie to melt some ice or anything, although I'm currently working with a group of friends, and unfortunately there isn't any case of awkwardness whatsoever this time. Two friends from the group control their diet extremely well, they won't eat sweets more than a piece of candy in one day. Crazy I know, but even they couldn't resist it when I offered them the brownie. Heh no one would ever resist a piece of glorious brownie.

The process of making the chocolate chunks brownie from La Cour Patisserie baking kit is as easy as the cookies one. All I needed is just to add some butter and two large eggs. And I also added some almonds for I always love nuts in my brownie.

The ingredients

Pour all ingredients and whisk away. If only baking can be this easy everytime. The one concern was that the amount of the batter was too little, I was afraid that it won't be enough for me, let alone to be shared by the group mates.

Clockwise from top left: the mixture with egg, mixture without chocolate chunks and almonds, adding the good stuff, spreading the batter into the pan

As you can probably see, at first the batter didn't really cover all part of the pan, which made me worry as well. But it turned out that the brownie expanded nicely, although the tricky oven made it impossible for me not to get some burnt parts.

Brownie fresh from the oven

You see, patience is a key here. I wasn't patient enough to wait until the brownie had rested well, so when I cut them into squares they just fell apart. It would be nice if I can get some slices like the one pictured on the baking kit box.

And yet the taste is almost unbeatable. Everything is on the perfect level: the sweetness, chocolatey-ness, nuttiness, everything. The crust is crunchy but the inside is so moist and chewy. It's chewier after few more mins, and I just can't stop having them. The chocolate chunks melt beautifully when it's fresh from the oven, but quickly harden again. No complaints as they make spectacular filling for this super brownie.

Chocolate chunks brownie (+almonds)

Again, I gotta say I'm falling in love with La Cour Patisserie's products. If it won't for the high price tag I would've bought dozens more of these.


If you are making this brownie, I suggest to eat this with some cream or ice cream. Hey, we deserve some sugar rush once in a while!


La Cour Patisserie:

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  1. Uh wow. There is nothing I don't like about the title of this post. For a long time brownies were my absolute fave go to recipe to bake but I haven't indulged in awhile.. Would love to get my hands on one of these baking kits! Whereabouts did you buy it from may I ask?

    1. Hi, Christine! Thank for dropping by :)
      I bought the baking kit from La Cour Patisserie at Sydney's Good Food n Wine Show couple months ago, but u can order it online on their webs. Happy baking! :))


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