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(Korean) Food World, Strathfield Plaza - Sydney

They should've included 'Korean' on the shop's name.
Fried things on display: battered chilli, battered fish fillets, etc.

Because really, 85% of food that they offer here is Korean. You won't expect that if you only see the shop's name, will you? I won't too. So that's why I consider this discovery as a exploration jewel.

So I was at Strathfield for the first time, and not until then I knew that this part of West Sydney is dubbed the Korean Town. It's obvious how bold the Korean culture is adapted there. with numbers of Korean supermarket, restaurants, and other retails. I was there to do a quick stop before uni, hoping to get some decent lunch. After two medium tubs of Moochi froyo, I spotted this place in Strathfield Plaza.

The Food World is run by friendly Korean ladies, and they offer typical Korean snacks and pickled things such as kimchi, pickled squid, etc. I noticed that they're quite popular among locals (presumably), especially on lunch time. Most of the customers are lining up for the kimchi and other pickled things packed neatly in container boxes.

Food World, Strathfield Plaza

The kimchi comes with various sizes, and it's not only cabbages kimchi. They also have the radish one, and other greenish things. I've tried the small cabbage kimchi ($5) and it feels homemade with right amount of spicy and sour punches.

Kimchi selections

Pickled things selections

Other main attraction is the deep fried station. Not sure if everything is fresh, but some of them were being fried when I was there. The smell of crunchy things and the sound of bubbling oil bathing the battered stuff made my stomach groans with pleasure. The price is street price, ranges from $1 - $3 per item.

More deep fried things

Vegetables twigim (Korean style vegetables tempura)

And so I had the two that attracted me most. The battered chilli was the third, but I wasn't really willing to try at that time. Has anyone ever tried deep fried chilli?

Anyway the deep fried hotdog is pretty much tasteless although it has ear-splintering crunch. The fried rice cakes is my kind of snacks: it has slightly crispy jacket with super chewy innards. Perfect with a brush of chilli sauce.

Deep fried hotdog ($3) and fried rice cakes ($1)

Not being full yet, I ordered ddeobokki (Korean rice cakes with spicy sauce). It looks exactly like a cup of ddeobokki I often see on Korean dramas. The lady had been very kind and gave me a fried noodles-wrapped-in-nori with a message 'we always eat ddeobokki with this in Korea'.

The ddeobokki is really nice: it's chewy, warm, and the spicy sauce adds to its deliciousness. The fried thing on top is quite tasty and it sure is crispy.

Ddeobokki ($3) with complimentary deep fried noodles-in-nori

Watching her making mandoo (Korean dumplings) was very entertaining. Unable to depress my glutton, I took home a set of mixed steamed dumplings.

Making mandoo (dumpling)

Between the two, I prefer the vegetable dumplings. They're tastier, although the kimchi ones has bits of sour kimchi in. However, the dumplings skin is really nice without being neither too thick nor too thin. And these are quite big too.

Kimchi and veggie steamed dumplings set - $10

Veggie dumpling innards

The lady also said that they usually have packed, homemade Korean fried chicken. Now that's a good reason to come back, don't u think?

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Shop no. 21, Strathfield Plaza
11 The Boulevarde 
Strathfield, NSW 2135

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