Thursday, 13 September 2012

Instant Jjajangmyun Review (and Chocolate Covered Pretzels)

Why would you make a review about instant noodles?
Instant jjajangmyun with char siu pork and kimchi

Easy, because sometimes they can be equally interesting as other food. Especially if you have never seen one 'species' of a particular instant noodles before.

So you know my latest addiction of Korean food, right? Jjajangmyun or jjajangmyun, which is also known as noodles with black bean sauce, is one of my fav. Most restaurants serve them in a huge portion, which is the reason why I can't just walk into a restaurant alone, order one jjajangmyun without being over bloated. The problem is solved when I went to a Korean supermarket and found hidden gems.

This brand of instant jjajangmyun was the only one I could find in that supermarket, and I have never seen any other so far. Do tell me if you know a better brand.

Instant 'Jjajangmen'

The contents of the package consists of the noodles and a small packet of jjajang or black bean sauce. The making process is exactly the same like other instant noodles.

What's inside the package

Pouring the black/jjajang sauce

There's nothing much I can't say about the noodles. The jjajang sauce is tasty, dominated with sweet but earthy flavour, but not sickly or overpowering. There are some chunks of things, which I cannot identify. I'm suspecting potato or carrot or tofu. Or the three of them.

Final product

It tastes good on its own, but much better with the appearance of kimchi (bought on the same Korean supermarket), and some slices of char siu pork for good measure and source of protein.

Instant jjajangmyun with char siu pork and kimchi

Such a great finding, and due to the easiness it's really suitable for my quick lunch at uni. A negative comment is just about how thirsty I was after eating one. Well I guess every instant noodles has its share of the MSG.

Now, I have a problem with making the dessert/snack: chocolate covered pretzels.

I read the review about this on ChocolateSuze and it looked 100% easy. Somehow I managed to screw it up. Oh well. I should've used cooking chocolate instead of any chocolate bars I found in the fridge. My result is way too messy, clumpy, too sweet and too rich for me.

Chocolate covered pretzel: the ingredients, melting chocolate, and the final product

Well, there's always next time. I'll just stick on nibbling the salted pretzels on their own for now.


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  1. wah, enak ya si jjajangmyun? di foodhall juga ada nih..harga nya mayan, jadi mo coba ragu2 hehe

    1. gue sih suka ya cind, apalgai kalo pake kimchi. emang berapaan di food hall? disini sih kalo di-kurs emang mahal, sekitar 7-8rebo.

    2. beli dimana ya 7-8 ribuan? makasih

  2. wuihhh jjajangmyun merk paldo favorite eke tuh, lebih banyak bumbunya

    1. gue baru cobain yg ini sih jul, ketemunya merek paldo ini doang, ga bisa bandingin deh hehe. emang saosnya banyak ya :9

    2. g udah pernah nyobain bbrp merek sih, paling enak and mantep yang merek ini, merek2 lain sausnya pelit and kurang mantep sih

  3. you can make instant noodle look awesome--that's a plus. and nonetheless, the pretzels look delicious, well not exactly "pretty", but delicious.

    Putri Soe

    1. wow thanks!
      and the pretzels are definitely not pretty, but they aren't too enjoyable for me as well hehe :)


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