Tuesday, 11 September 2012

DAB Café, UTS - Sydney

A uni student also needs some healthy meals.
Lasagna & chicken with veggies from DAB Café

Well. Although some of us are usually getting Maccas for lunch (me included), sometimes the urge of having a healthy but tasty meals appears.When it happens, I usually go to my newly found love at UTS, DAB Café.

DAB Café is located at UTS' Peter Johnson Building, or generally called the Building 6. It's the building for design, architecture and building, hence the name. A little birdie told me that it was under renovation once, so now they have larger dining space with comfy couches which is very convenient for hungry students who have quiz right after the lunch break.

Their food ranges from hot food (e.g. pasta dishes & rice dishes), salads, wraps, and classic cakes (e.g. muffins, banana cake, etc). They only have one large display of the food, all you have to do is point which ones you fancy and they'll put your selections on a plate or takeaway container. Their food is remarkably eye-catching with vibrant colours of various veggies, all made fresh on the spot but the hot food is better to be microwaved before consumption.

That's why I love eating here. They make veggies so tasty. The prices are not too harsh either: it'll cost you $10.5 for 1 main dish and 1 huge serve of salad, $9 for two huge serve of salads, or $15 for 2 main meals (e.g. 1 pasta and 1 chicken dish).

So here's a quick rundown about the food. So far, their salads don't disappoint. Everything is cooked/tossed perfectly, fresh, and their sour dressing is interesting. Their rice dishes are really worth the try, my fav so far is the one with mushrooms; their mushrooms are out of this world. How do they make mushrooms so delicious?

Mushroom rice and cauliflower salad - $10.5

Onion rice and potato salad - $10.5

Their pasta dishes are good as well; the pasta with mushrooms has also become my fav, although the lasagna is a little too bland and tomato-ey for my palate. They're quite generous with the parmesan though, which is like fairy dust to me. The chicken dishes are superb; tender slices of chicken completed with crunchy veggies. Tasty stuff.

Mushroom pasta and chicken & spinach - $10.5

Lasagna & chicken with veggies - $15

The muffin collections are perfect for lecture nibbling. They're mushroom-shaped, with crunchy top and fluffy foot. The berries one has satisfying amount of berries, the apple-cinnamon one is the most fragrant, the chocolate one (not pictured) is my fav so far, with big chunks of chocolate hidden.

Berries muffin

Apple & cinnamon muffin

If you're wondering about the coffee, I've never tried them (sorry!). But some friends say that their coffee is decent, although I had a bad experience with too milky hot chocolate.

Apart from that, I don't mind eating healthy more often here.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Great selections of healthy dishes, reasonable price, ambiance is spacious and comfy, service is quick and attentive.



Level 4, UTS Peter Johnson Building
702-730 Harris St

Ultimo New South Wales 2007

Phone: (02) 9514 8887

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