Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sydney Madang, Sydney CBD

Two Korean restaurant reviews in one month.
Jjambbong jungol (assorted seafood and noodles hot pot) from Sydney Madang

I have no way to hide this addiction, apparently.

The mother is no better than me about this Korean fever. Few weeks ago, she really did have a fever, and when she finally got better she was in a high craving for Korean hot pot. She urged me to find out the best Korean restaurant to get some hot pot, and I found Madang.

You probably won't find the place if you aren't looking. It's almost hidden in a small alley in Pitt St., and the wooden-dominated place will give you a warm vibe just by looking at it, especially because the surrounding looks cold with with white walls.

Sydney Madang

They have both indoor and outdoor seatings, but with the chilly winds we went inside in an instant.


Everything about this place is inviting, warm, and cosy. The service is remarkable; especially because the kind manager allowed me to take photos although I should've had to ask first.

There's BBQ pan on every table, but with the meat-avoider mother as my dining companion, we didn't order any (much to my dismay, actually).

L-R: lunch specials menu, alcoholic beverage fridge

Plates of banchan are always welcomed, although we stopped after three helpings of the great soy sauce potato and the some kind of fish cake. The kimchi is sourer than any kimchi I've tasted, but I always love it anyways. The rice is as amazing as always, and the waiters were super helpful by asking us if we needed more banchan number of times.

Banchan (side dishes) and rice (also complimentary)

Madang's kimchi and pork pancake or dweji kimchijun is highly recommended by some foodie friends, so I can't look past it. It's offered in two sizes, but we opted for the small one because there were only the two of us. The pancake is thin but not oily at all, very flavorsome and has a nice textural play. I just wish there's more pork mince.

Dweji kimchijun (kimchi and pork pancake) - $13 (S)

As tempting as it sounded, the mother didn't want the seafood and rice cake (haemul dduk bok ki) to be topped with cheese. I digressed. The ceramic bowl was waaayyy bigger than we thought, but the seducing smell wafting from it is intolerable. We dug in right away, only to be amazed right away with the flavour, the perfectly cooked, slippery rice cakes, and the abundance of plump seafood. This one is a definite winner, and a must-try.

Haemul dduk bok ki (seafood and rice cake topped with cheese; this one is minus cheese) - $32

Again with another seafood dish. The assorted seafood and noodles hot pot (jjambong jungol) arrived late, we almost finished our dduk bok ki and were 3/4 full. Nevertheless, it arrived looking splendid, and it is obvious that it's worth the price tag. The shallow yet wide hot pot is full of fresh veggies, uncooked seafood (huge prawns, calamari, pipis, mussels), mushrooms, udon noodles, and many more.

Jjambong jungol (assorted seafood and noodles hot pot); before - $42

The soup refreshes our souls; it's light yet packed tightly with delicious flavour, plus the vivid seafood taste. My fav seafood has to be the huge prawns with their shell, although some may think it's too troublesome to peel the shell first. Everything is really great, it may not have any meat, but it certainly is one of the best hot pots I've had.

Jjambong jungol (after)

The winter may be over soon, but I don't think it'll stop me from getting some more Korean hot pots.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 4.5/5 (Very recommended)
Super great Korean dishes, service is friendly and attentive, price is relatively higher but worth it, ambiance is nice and really cosy.



371 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9264 7010

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