Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Star Buffet, Bankstown RSL - Sydney

A family gathering is always nice.
Dessert selections

Even if the venue isn't exactly your type.

So the big family gathered at the Star Buffet, Bankstown RSL, to celebrate the great-grandma birthday. The aunt claimed that the food is good and the place can cater for many people.

The place is apparently very popular, judging from the queue formed even before it's open. The price ranges from $12.8 - $21.8 on weekdays and $18.8 - $24.3 on weekends. The interior is neat, sleek and minimalist, and indeed they can cater for many people with no problem at all.

Clockwise from top left: price list, seating, soft serve dispenser, The Star banner

I have a slight dissatisfaction about the service and, I believe, so do my cousins. They had several problems with the waiters starting from the front counter, but thankfully it hadn't affected their appetite.

They have impressive arrays of food, I must say. The sushi is served with conveyer belt, making it fun for the customers. The carving/BBQ station is super lovable, everything I took from there proved to be very flavorsome and praise-worthy. The Chinese-style fried rice is how my breakfast should be like every morning, packed with delicious BBQ pork and many other yummy things

So here are the photos of my plates, because taking photos of the displays is not permitted. Look out for the bold captions, they are the highlights.

Sushi selections: wakame sushi, and some other two which I couldn't identify (sorry)

First main plate: fried mantau, char siu (sweet glazed BBQ pork, Chinese style stir fried tofu and mushroom, crispy skin chicken, Chinese style fried rice (this one is amazing because it has diced char siu pork and prawns)

BBQ station plate (clockwise from top): honey glazed ham (tender and so flavorsome, great with some sauce but probably best eaten without), creamy potato (creamy and cheesy, so nice), Hainanese roast chicken with ginger and shallot sauce (very fragrant and the chicken is cooked to perfection), char siu and crispy crackling BBQ pork (probably one of the best BBQ pork I've had)

Asian style stir fry plate (clockwise from top): prawn and vegetable, deep fried squid, black pepper squid, bean curd and mushroom

Deep fried things plate: deep fried fish, deep fried scallop, deep fried calamari, honey chicken, sweet and sour pork, spring roll (so addictive) and samosa

South eastern plate (clockwise from top): briyani rice, chicken curry, fish ball, chicken enchiladas (tasty although a bit dry)

Seafood plate: prawns and mussels

The dessert collections is beautiful; especially the chocolate fondue. I'd be very grateful if they put a bowl of sliced fruits or biscuit or cake beside a bowl of  marshmallow beside the highness, as I'm not the best friend of marshmallow. I did try it (of course) and the chocolate is so rich and I wish I can just get a cup and drink the whole thing.

Here are the other dessert items I tried:

Dessert plate #1 (clockwise from top): apple crumble (simple decadence, warm and comforting), fruits, some kind of chocolate-cheese jelly-like mousse, bread and butter pudding

Dessert plate #2: watermelon, chocolate mousse tart, cookies

The feast ended with some glitches, but family's warmth always makes thing feel better.

And the best way to end the night? Sinful supper. The cousin really knows how to please me, she bought two large chocolate + cheese martabak (Indonesia style sweet pancake) from Martabak Café. They aren't the best I've had, but they are more than sufficient to compress my craving for this all-time favourite midnight snack.

Chocolate + cheese martabak from Martabak Cafe

So overall, the BBQ station and the chocolate fondue really deserve the try, but is that enough for me as a reason for going back? I'm not sure, really. But then again, it depends on our personal taste, isn't it.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 2/5 (OK/Average)
Decent buffet food (the carving station is a must try, though), price is OK, ambiance is nice, better service would be much appreciated (prepare to be rushed in at busy times), although the food is refilled quite quickly.



Bankstown RSL
32 Kitchener Parade
Bankstown New South Wales

Phone: (02) 9791 6655


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  1. You hv the right to be irritated. I personally is more ok getting a bad food rather than bad service.

    1. glad to know that I'm not the only one thinking that way! thanks, Ivy! :))

  2. Food it pretty ok, but the service needs work. The person who greets you while paying is very rude & not very welcoming.


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