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Malay Chinese Takeaway & Moochi, Sydney CBD

Fifty shades of deliciousness, this place has.
Malay Chinese Takeaway, Sydney CBD

I have never come across better laksa and char kwe tiao anywhere, even in Indonesia. This is an important milestone.

Anyway, this post depicts my second visit here. The first one was done way before I even started this blog, and since then the awesomeness of the laksa have been haunting me in my sleep. My second visit was a small celebration for a good friend's birthday, and she can sure pick a restaurant. I was hyped to come here again.

Malay Chinese Takeaway restaurant is far from luxurious description. It has food court/cafeteria feel, where customers are expected to order and fetch their own plates. Condiments are available on the table near the cashier, where Chinese ladies are ready to take your orders in quick and efficient manner. It was weekend so the place is considerably capacious, but expect long queue and table-grabbing on weekdays in lunch/dinner times.


Now this is what I want to show you: the most glorious, unbeatable chicken laksa yet to be found. I heard that they also have amazing har mee and prawn laksa, but I have only tasted the chicken version. The broth is the creamiest I have ever encountered. Some may find this scary to be eaten (high cholesterol, ticked), but many just can't stop slurping this huge bowl of pure happiness. I love the generously given chicken, the vermicelli, and the best part is the sliced fried tofu which is just happily absorbing the broth into their pores.

Chicken laksa - $8.7

Even if the laksa above does not spoil you enough, the char kwe tiao is also a winner among its kind. The best char kwe tiao I've had so far, and I think many would agree. Apart from the very satisfying portion, it's not too oily and contains generous amount of bean sprout, prawns, lap chiong (Chinese pork sausage), and many other magical things. It's packed deliciously with smoky flavour, which is may be a result of the wok hei (the "wok breath"). The cherry on the top is the two amazing chilli sauce on the condiments table; if you can handle it, I totally recommend getting much of the dark-coloured chilli sauce, it's just impeccable.

Char kwe tiao - $9.5

I have yet to try other menus, and I can see myself coming here often in the future.

We were too stuffed for heavy dessert, so once again we made our way to Westfield, visiting the nice-looking Moochi for some refreshing froyo. I ordered something very similar to my last visit, so I didn't take the pic. However, the next day a uni friend was craving for froyo and I agreed to go with her in an instant. That time, I got to try the biscotti froyo, and it's remarkable. It's sweet and creamy, tastes very similar with vanilla ice cream but with some tang. Lovely.

Regular biscotti and pomegranate froyo ($4.1) with pomegranate and mango ($0.5 ea)

Apart from the delicious & satisfying froyo party, I still can't stop thinking about the laksa and the char kwe tiao. Really, that place deserves to be made into a book called 'Fifty Shades of Laksa' or something.

P.S. In case you have no idea about my 'Fifty Shades of...' puns above, it's about the recently popular book called Fifty Shades of Grey which seems to be in the hands of every young women in the trains.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating (for Malay Chinese Takeaway): 5/5 (Must try)
Best laksa and char kwe tiao I've had so far, great price, not much service given but it's quick and efficient, ambiance is food court-feel but everything is covered by the great dishes.



58 Hunter St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9231 6788


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Shop 1023 Westfield Sydney Cnr Pitt St and Market St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: 04 1617 6308


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  1. Wow! Are they really better than the ones found in Indo?! I find it quite hard to digest your claim (which makes me wanna fly over and prove it myself) hehe. But, hey, taste is a personal matter, right ;)

    1. It is, for me, but I don't eat laksa much in Jakarta so I might be biased hehe. but do fly here and have a taste! :))

  2. absolutely loooooove laksa! best thing to eat in winter!

    1. me too! and i don't mind eating this in summer either! hehe

  3. The best laksa for me. Always in my must eat list every time I go back sydney. Try the hor fun also superb. Don't forget the green chilli pickles and the sambal also.


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