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Fabulous Fruits: Durian, Cempedak, Lontar, Apple Mango, and Srikaya (Custard Apple)

When you're on a diet program, fruits are your best friends.
Opening durian

And yeah, I am (supposed to be) on a diet program. But it's on the way to destruction I think. Someone tell me how to depress my hunger!

Anyway, I do believe that fruits are one of my best friends. They are obviously healthier than most of the snacks we love to consume, and most of them are incredibly delicious. To this moment, my favourite fruits is still the king of them all: durian. It's intoxicating aroma smells like heaven to me, and the creamy and slightly sweet flesh tastes like an angel's caress to my taste buds. I can't get enough of it, although Roo will unconsciously make a distance with me if I eat too much. Its the kind of food which you can either hate or love it.

Durian isn't as easily found here in Australia than it can in Jakarta. There's one fruit stall nearby my home and it sells the whole harvest of durian garden when they're in season.

Durian galore

The last time I bought some from them, three durians were purchased. One of them came with some little friends, maggots, which I always shudder upon; so the father had to clean every bits of the edible durian flesh and put them on a clean container before I dared to touch them. Apart from the 'bonus' that it came with, the durian was delicious with it's slightly sweet and bitter combination, and it's creamy to the max. Absolute soul fulfillment.

Pale durian (with some little yucky friends)

The second one was pretty much the same with the first one minus the 'bonus', but the third one is different. It was brighter in terms of colour, but lacked in the flavour department. Still enjoyable, though.

Bright durian

Moving on to a favourite of the family, I present you cempedak  (Artocarpus integer). It's a native fruit in Southeast Asia, and as you can see, it's appearance is similar to jackfruit. The taste is the crossing of durian and jackfruit, which makes this fruit an irresistible one. The flesh is more fibrous than jackfruit, but it has more pungent, lovely fragrance. The white part is edible, it's not unusual to see deep fried cempedak arils sold in Malaysia.


Lontar (Borassus flabellifer) has been reviewed in my post before. It's included in the palm family, and some people called them siwalan. It is said to be an identity floral of South Borneo. The fruits are quite big, about 4 to 7 inches in diameter. They have a hard and very thick shell, yet only contain one little edible part in each.


The only way to consume it is to peel the hard skin first, and then you'll get a firm, slightly sweet fruit with juicy center. Like I've said, it's really hard to find lontar seller in Jakarta these days, which is a shame because I love this fruit.

Peeling lontar

Mangga apel (apple mango) is self explanatory: they are mangoes which look like apples somehow. They are cute with brushes of red on the green skin, but the flesh isn't always as sweet as the look. These ones on the photos were unripe so they were really sour, perfect for rujak.

Apple mangoes

Srikaya or sugar apple or custard apple (Annona squamosa) is actually NOT the ingredient for the luscious kaya jam we all love. Despite the resemblance of the names, kaya jam is actually made with coconut milk and sugar. The fruits have segments which can be peeled easily, and the small, black seeds enveloped by the sweet flesh isn't supposed to be eaten. Some people say that they taste like pineapple, but I fail to find the similarity.

Although the flesh looks similar with soursop, custard apple has much less tang than soursop. For me they are more addictive and enjoyable to eat than soursop. One of my neighbours has lots of custard apples coming out from the trees, we usually get 3-5 fruits a month from them.


I may have to eat more fruits from now on. And you may too, guys! An apple a day keeps the doctor away, remember?

And do share your favourite fruits! Do you like durians?


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  1. Have you gone back to indo? I miss all the nice tropical fruits! Especially manggis- they're ridiculously expensive here at around $2 bucks each haha. And it's a shame really about the diet, it's always the same for me too- it inevitably ends in failure!

    1. nope! me too! when they're in season, manggis is incredibly cheap in Indo, it's one of my fav too! :))
      haha high five! :p

  2. mmm...! love the durian pics! but really. which type of durian was it that has the maggots in it? haha.. :)

    1. thanks!
      errm I'm not sure either but it tastes good after thorough cleaning!

  3. Setau g kaya jam tuh bukan dr srikaya loh...g jg br tau belakangan ini hahahha..dr kecil g kira pake tuh buah, taunya bukan :p

    1. O iya betul me! thanks yaaaaa udah diedit hihi :))

  4. halo salam kenal, irene :)
    pernah makan kenitu sama juwet g? itu juga enak lhooo.
    btw, blognya bagus. gw semingguan mencoba menamatkan tulisan di blog ini dari awal sampe akhir #eh #ketauanfreak :))

    1. Salam kenal natnutnot!
      Wah belum pernah, tau juga ngga, hehehe. di-Google dulu ya!
      aduh, jadi terharu. thanks bgt ya :')


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