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Dy Sizzling Hot Pot, Haymarket - Sydney

Sometimes you are so starving you feel like eating an elephant.
Pork with black pepper and honey sauce from Dy Sizzling Hot Pot

That was what happened to me few weeks ago, being late for class and couldn't have proper breakfast, I was famished when the break's finally given.

Dy Sizzling Hot Pot is one of many restaurants lining up on George St, the way to uni. I pass this place everyday and sometimes I am amazed with the portion of food that people are having there, they are huge! That is why I never set foot on this restaurant before, but as a famished girl I needed something big even if the elegant image can be possibly ruined by having a huge meal by myself.

There isn't much to talk about here, the place is pretty simple with wooden benches, one counter and windowless kitchen, and two big board of menu. Although minimalist, the place is clean and quite comforting.

Ordering counter

The ordering process is similar with food court ordering process: pick one meal, which mostly cost $9.9 including rice, and pay right at the counter. Take your bill and wait until you number's is called.

Menu board

The first visit saw me ordering pork with black pepper and honey sauce. You can just see the hot plate is literally overflowed by the dish with the sauce going everywhere, this is certainly not the neatest looking dish. But it smells awesome, especially when you are too hungry to be picky. The rice is given generously, but not extremely much so I sighed breath of relief (because I feel bad everytime I can't finish my meal).

The dish is piping hot, the sauce is super peppery in good way, burning every part of my digestion organs in its way in. The dish is full of things: vegetables, mushrooms (ear and button), and tender, thin slices of pork. It's cooked beautifully, and I really love the pork. It is tasty, but I kinda think that it's a bit monotonous after a while.

Pork with black pepper and honey sauce - $9.9 (including rice)

The second visit had me ordering honey king prawns, because I can't resist looking at a picture of plump-looking fried prawns on the menu board. The prawns are stacked like a mountain of deliciousness, with sticky glaze of honey and sprinkle of sesame. The prawns are very lovable, they are plump and juicy and the batter is crunchy although a bit thick. The sauce is what I complained about, it's too sweet and offer nothing else beside the sweetness, but some chilli and soy sauce came to the rescue. It's still a bargain dish though, where else will you get about 10 big king prawns with that price?

Honey king prawns - $11.9 (including rice)

Now I know where to get my big lunches!

So the morale of the story is: eat your breakfast. Unless if you have some super cheap restaurant around your uni/workplace; if that's the case, then the choice is yours!

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Warming and huge portion of food, service is efficient, the place is clean & ambiance is OK, price is very affordable (and worth it judging from the portion).



Shop 2, 849 George St
Ultimo, NSW 2007

Phone: (02) 9280 2812

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