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The Pie Tin and Wowcow, Newtown - Sydney

The pie god has spoken to me.
Sweet pies from the Pie Tin

I almost got lost finding the place, but somehow I managed to take the right turns and streets, which is amazing for me who is usually a sucker in map reading. So I'm assuming it's the work of the pie god.

The Pie Tin has been talked a lot, there have been numbers of great reviews about this place, so I declared that I have to try the famous pie place. The place itself is almost hidden, I don't think one will easily find it if one isn't looking for it. The exterior gives rustic vibe, which I love very much.

The Pie Tin, Newtown

The interior, although not particularly spacy, is even more interesting; walls of bricks, dominated with neutral colours except for the red lamps and clock. There's a square communal table on the very middle of the room, and some individual tables on the side which can occupy 2-4 people. The small tables are really cozy, I can easily picture myself doing some readings or assignments here.

Communal table

Not only the walls of bricks that attract me, there are also some interesting vintage pictures, along with seat pillows which look like sacks of flour from far.

A big black board of menu is hanging comfortably above the counter, also with smaller black boards explaining other specialties. They have some rules, too. They apparently encourage the traditional way of eating pies, which is using our hands instead of knife and fork. To support this practice, they only provide sporks (spoon-fork) on the condiments table. There's no table service, so we should take sauces, cutlery and tap water from the condiments table and take our food from the counter ourselves.

Another thing that caught my eyes was the 'apple pie that ate Newtown', which is probably the kind of pie that Matt Preston will call 'pregnant with apple-y goodness'.

Clockwise from top left: interesting decoration, notice board, 'the apple pie that ate Newtown', pie etiquette

They certainly have lots to choose from. There were some 'oohh's and 'aahh's slipped through my mouth while being amused by that magical-looking sweet pies display. What a display, that is.

Savoury pies display
Sweet pies display

I was supposed to wait for Stephanie but my belly said otherwise (I'm sorry, Steph!). Having read so many reviews, I settled for the Southern style slow-roasted shredded pork with apple and BBQ sauce, completed with a side of chips. There are quite a wide options of sides available: Boston style baked beans, mashed kumera (sweet potato) or potatoes, mushy peas, but I wasn't feeling like eating healthy this time. I was also hoping for the cheese sauce to go with the chips but unfortunately it wasn't ready by the time I put my order.

Southern style slow-roasted shredded pork with apple & BBQ sauce pie (with a side of chips) - $11

The pastry is a clear winner; flaky and crispy on the right areas, and neither too thick or too thin. Although the pie is fully loaded by tender shredded pork and tangy, soft apple in BBQ sauce, I found that the filling lacks some punches and seasonings.

Innards shot

When the dining companion came, we shared a plate of kumera chips which turned out to be much better than the original chips I had earlier. Wonderfully crispy, it has a beautiful, subtle sweetness that easily wins my heart. The great ketchup and BBQ sauce do more wonders to the addictive snack.

Kumera chips

The trip won't be complete without us trying some sweet pies. After browsing the dainty-looking display, we ordered a slice of apple and mixed berry chocolate crumble top pie. Every slice of sweet pie comes with either double cream or ice cream, or even both if you have extra $1. We had this one with double cream, but we reckon it's better to be paired with a scoop of ice cream.

This is a perfect palate cleanser; its sweetness isn't overpowering the lovely tangy notes from the apple and the berries. The pastry is perfectly cooked, and I love the crumble although can't really taste the chocolate. I felt a bit healthier after having spoons of this pie.

Apple & mixed berry chocolate crumble top pie (served with double cream) -$6.5

After juggling between the Snickers pie or the malteser pie, we finally pointed our fingers to the later.

The malteser pie is even more loved than the apple & mixed berry one. It's served with ice cream, although I reckon it will go perfectly being solo. Awesome is the right term to describe this one; there are three layers combined to create perfection on every spoonful. The first layer is the pastry, which tastes like crumbed dark chocolate biscuits, the second one tastes like rich chocolate ganache, and the last one, which is the thickest, tastes like creamy chocolate mousse. Every layer does their part beautifully; the pie isn't too sweet, it's so rich and creamy and delightful. I won't mind more malteser balls on top as well.

Malteser pie (served with ice cream) -$7.5

There's almost no more room in my stomach but I won't miss the chance to explore Newtown more. We went to Black Star Pastry and I took away a slice of their famous strawberry and watermelon cake, which I will make a post separately of.

A (quite) heavy lunch is supposed to be followed by a refreshing snack, at least it is in my book. Wowcow is my first take on Aussie's froyo, and it did not disappoint. The place is simply decorated but very interesting. It's dominated with the colour pink, which enhances the brightness and the eye-catching-ness in the afternoon sunlight.

Wowcow and its display of toppings

The toppings are very various (extra $1 each), and they have four flaovours available that day, two of them are the special of the month (or the day?): plain, chocolate, passionfruit and hazelnut (specials).

I had the passionfruit froyo with popping mango pearls and berries. The froyo is really good, light, sour, and I don't taste any unpleasant milky aftertaste. Highly recommended if you love sour things. The popping pearls are sweet and interesting; together with the berries they make the cup even sourer but still very enjoyable for me.

I also tasted the hazelnut and the plain froyo; both are sweeter than the passionfruit one, but very nice. I won't mind having the plain froyo actually, which is a rare thing for me as I don't usually like plain froyo.

Passionfruit froyo (S) with pearls and berries - $6.5

Overall, that was a fabulous and very filling outing. I will totally go wandering around Newtown again. So much food to try there!

P.S. And just to brighten your day, here's an image of an upside down cow. Cheers!

Upside down cow on Wowcow's ceiling

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500


The Pie Tin: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great pies (esp. the sweet ones), service is friendly although can be a little bit slow, reasonable prices, ambiance is nice and comfy.

Wowcow: 4/5 (Recommended)
Nice & light froyo, service is friendly and helpful, ambiance is cosy, price is maybe a little bit high but still OK.



1 Brown St.
Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9519 7880


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280 King St.
Newtown, NSW 2042


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  1. omg love pie tin! the savoury pies are so flaky and delicious but its the sweet pies that hold my heart mmm the malteser pie is awesome!

    1. totally agree! i love the malteser pie too mmmm :9

  2. My my! Sweet photos of sweet treats for a sweet-tooth like me! Umm, can you bring the pies for me when you're flying back to Indo please? ;) Heheh...joking! =P

    1. hahaha glad you enjoy this post, dear!! :D
      mmm probably not these ones (they'll be destroyed in my luggage) but I'll certainly bring smth sweet for you! hehehe :)

  3. nice review.. :) It's look a great place.. :)
    di kota kita

  4. Thanks for the review! Super happy you enjoyed your WOWCOW experience.

  5. Lurve the sweet pies here and the Malteser one is a fave but I haven't had a poor one yet.

    1. Hi Joey, thanks for dropping by!
      I totally love the sweet pies here too, would definitely try more of them! :)


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