Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Good Food and Wine Show 2012, Sydney

The ticket includes free lunch, as much as you can eat.

Quite a visit, that was. I started with empty stomach, grabbing every samples that the stands offer. And you guess it, I left feeling full and 100% satisfied.

Good Food and Wine Show (GFWS) is an annual affair, concentrating in showcasing Australia's great produce, including the wine. It's also held in the other parts of Aussie such as Melbourne, Perth, & Brisbane, and this year I get to visit, thanks to Stephanie.

The ticket was $25, including masterclass session with Manu Feildel and one goodie bag from Good Food magazine. Such a good price, considering how much food you can sample there. At first, I was totally into getting every sample I can get, and after a few hours I got very picky in taking the samples due to the fact that my stomach's getting full. Fantastic stuff.

The produce offered here is probably cheaper than the normal prices, which is a great point. There were also cooking sessions at some stands, Nespresso even had coffee making class. The Kurrajong Cheese Alley is this year show's highlight, but it was way too crowded, we couldn't make our way in.

So here's just a few snapshots I manage to take while thrusting in the ocean of hungry people. The highlights will be written in bold.

Clockwise from top left: Greenday fruit chips (the durian chips are incredible), Eskal cheese crackers, biscuits, chocolate covered pretzels

Clockwise from top left: cereals and muesli, Clayridge honey, piranha crackers (these are so moreish, hard to decide whether I like this more than the Vege chips (are not pictured)), Slim Pasta sample (made with konyaku, the pasta tastes more like jelly)

My favourite stand of the day is the Weight Watchers. It's so creative and clever to put a sushi train, catering small, bite size food which is claimed to be low in calories and fat. Amongst the three, my fav is the beef wrap. Delicious little things.

Clockwise from top left: Weight Watchers's stand, spinach pancake with garlic sauce (?), beef wrap, vegetable quiche

Clockwise from top left: Swiss chocolate delight stand, the samples, the Collective Dairy (I tried apple crumble yoghurt and it's a winner), Jay Huxley (Masterchef Australia alumni) at Love Food Hate Waste stand

Clockwise from top left: cashew butter (saltier and tastier than the normal peanut butter), Be Natural display, Baci chocolate, desserts with soy sauce display at Kikkoman stand

Clockwise from top left: Tuckeroo samples, Maggie Beer stand, Tucker Natural products, butter on sesame bread sample from President (one of the best things I've tried that day)

Clockwise form top left: Cake Pop Queen stand, chocolate fudge display, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, goji berries from Conscious Chocolate

Clockwise from top left: whole ducks from Luv-a-Duck stand (the sample was pan fried duck served with cherries; definitely swoon-worthy), Zen-Q shaved ice sample, Rekorderlig Cider (I sampled the Winter cider which was served hot; not too enjoyable, I should've got the cold one instead), Bondi Chai (the only Chai so far which I can sip happily)

Friendly man from Creative Gourmet stand

The only disappointment was the spring rolls. They were being fried and we were hoping so much that they are samplers, but apparently the men were selling them. Booooo!

Cheeky chef from Amoy stand, frying spring rolls

I was so happy to see Indonesian food made appearance in such a major culinary event. At the Supermi stand, there was a sign saying that there will be mie goreng competition, but strangely enough even the man behind the counter didn't know what the competition will be. If it's cooking the instant noodles, I would definitely take part. It's also nice to see Indo's brands and snacks; we were looking for Teh Botol but unfortunately they didn't sell the popular drink. How come?

Indonesia's fare: Supermi stand, Indonesian pavilion. nasi goreng sampling, Indo's snacks and drinks

Manu Feildel has to be one of my fav Aussie chefs. As far as I know, he is cheeky, good-looking, and knows how to handle his food. I was so psyched to see him in person. Manu's 'Am I Really French?' masterclass was really fun although I couldn't really pay attention of the food because Manu was really distracting, especially with his drunk behaviours. I bet you he's drunk at that moment. It's still funny though, and I think I heard moans of jealousy when he picked two visitors up to the stage.

Manu Feildel's masterclass

After a good laugh at the masterclass, we went around again and I found a sweet jewel. Adora chocolate had chocolate shot ($2), which is made by pure melted milk or dark chocolate. So rich, luscious, and has to be devoured really slowly.

Adora chocolate: chocolate shots dispenser, pralines display

Another great treat also came in the form of hazelnut praline eclair by Dolcettini. It's choux pastry eclair with creme pattisier, hazelnut crunch and caramelized almonds; it is as good as an eclair can be. It has perfect level of sweetness and the chocolate based creme is rich. The best way to enjoy this is by being alone, relishing every bite quietly without having to share.

Dolcettini's hazelnut praline eclair - $6.5

A good purchase from such an event must be something edible. The brownie from La Cour Patisserie is pretty much edible, and it tastes really great as well. The baking kits are very promising, I'll make them soon and post it.

Purchase from La Cour Patisserie - Midnight Chocolate brownie and baking kit of brownie and chocolate chips cookie

The bag full of magazines worth more than the ticket price. What a steal!

Goodie bag full of magazines

I will definitely go there again next year.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW 2000

Web: http://www.goodfoodshow.com.au

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  1. $25 for that many many many delicious food? Gosh... I wish i live in Sydney!

    1. and more, actually! and plus the goodie bag! hehehe. why don't u come for holiday and we'll eat up here! :)

  2. All those.. chocolate... *faint*


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