Friday, 6 July 2012

Brownies; How Do You Like Yours?

Forget rainbow cakes, get some brownies.
Fare Gourmet's brownies

Really, I would pick a brownie instead of a slice of the colourful yet suspicious cake anytime. Moreover, brownies have been one of my fav cakes of all time.

I am assuming that most of you have tried at least one bite of brownie. Well, if you haven't, it's your loss. Brownie is popularized initially in United States at the end of nineteenth century. It's called a cake, but the texture somehow is the crossing of a cake and a cookie. It can be crumby and cakey or moist and fudgey. You may find ones combined with nuts, chocolate chips, or dried fruits, and some say the best way to eat a brownie is to pair it with tea/coffee/ice cream/whipped cream.

For me, I prefer the moist and fudgey brownie. I don't mind eating it without any pairing but I will be perfectly happy if it comes with a scoop of ice cream. So here's a list of 6 brownies I have tried in Sydney. More to come, of course.

1. My Cuppa's brownie
Shop 3 and 4/ 769 Harris St Ultimo NSW 2007 (Phone: (02) 9212 5416)

I didn't quite enjoy this one. It has more like a cake fragrance instead of the rich, chocolatey aroma that a brownie usually gives. This one's crumbly, and a layer of chocolate on top makes the bar to be beyond sweet.

My Cuppa's brownie - $3.8

2. Café 10's brownie
235 Jones Street, Ultimo (inside Aerial Function Centre) (Phone: (02) 9514 4764)

This one's much better than the first one. It has some cracks on the top, which makes a brownie so sexy. It's moist, adequately fudgey, and has perfect level of sweetness. I always love the addition of nuts inside and I am guessing that they're pecans in this one.

Café 10's brownie - $3-4 (?)

3. Concourse Café's brownie
UTS Tower Building, Level 3, 15 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW 2007

The top is quite crunchy, the pecans are given generously. Perfect level of sweetness and so moist. Love this one so much, such an incredible brownie.

Concourse Café's brownie - $4.3

4. Operation Espresso's brownie
Liverpool Hospital Level G, Cnr Goulburn Street & Elizabeth Street  Liverpool NSW 2170

You may remember this from my previous post. Like I said, it's great; fudgey and chocolatey, with adequate chocolate chips and icing sugar dusting on top. There's nothing to rave about, though.

Operation Espresso half-sliced brownie - $2.2

5. La Cour Patisserie's brownie

This one I get from Sydney's Good Food and Wine Show 2012 (post coming soon). It gets perfect points on every sectors. The texture is the crossing of crumbly and fudgey, which is fine for me. It has chocolate chips, but that doesn't make this slice of happiness to be too sweet. So chocolatey, perfect with a cup of warm milk. Or maybe hot chocolate. I got the baking kit to make the brownie as well, I'll make it and hopefully it'll turn out great.

La Cour Patisserie's brownie (Midnight Chocolate) - $5

6. Fare Gourmet's brownie

This brownie is the ultimate one. Super. Extraordinary. Monumental. Whatever you want to call it. This is my favourite brownie so far and you may have noticed that I rave about Fare Gourmet's brownies in my previous post.

This brownie is so soft and fudgey and chocolatey, you won't believe that you are eating a slice of brownie. It's kinda like eating soft chocolate bar. No joke. I've tried the blackforest and white chocolate & macadamia brownies, but my preference goes to the later. The blackforest has dried cheeries inside which I believe have been soaked in some kind of liquor. The white chocolate & macadamia is incredible, I love the nuttiness and the creaminess of the so-called 'candle nuts'. Anyway, if you want to eat them in firmer shape, just put them overnight in the fridge and they'll be even more awesome. That is, if you can resist the urge to eat it right away.

Fare Gourmet's blackforest brownie - $8 (250 gr)

I am still on my pursuit of happiness here, and when I say happiness it means good brownies. So do tell me if you know some killer brownies, and share what kind of brownie do you like? Crumbly? Fudged? With nuts/fruits? Anyway, for now, my fav is still the Fare Gourmet's.

So, ditch the rainbow cakes already (especially for the people of Indo)!


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

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  1. ya ampun ini bikin gw ngilerrrrr jadi pengen brownies. yang di starbucks juga mayan tuh ada espresso nya hehe

    1. hehehehe :p
      oh ya?wah gue belom pernah cobain! thanks infonya ya cind :))

  2. yumm brownies!! id say my favourite one is at the winery :)

    1. oooh i've seen some reviews about that one! is that the double chocolate one? ;)

  3. ngiler banget, i loveeee goeey brownies

  4. Brownis favorite gua skrg ini : saint cinammon yg di mal2 itu lohhh :p crunchy and rich!

    1. wah gue blm cobain tuh, thanks infonya ya me! suka brownie crunchy ya? hehe :)

    2. bentuk almondnya soalnya dibelek dua, bukan diiris tipis2 kaya stylenya kartika sari gt..jd pol banget almondnya :P

      coklatnya sendiri jga pas sih buat gue, nga terlalu rich tp nga memble. apalagi kalok kt pesen, bisa minta di hangatin di microwave..ih jd pengen >.<

    3. aduuhh sudah sudah hentikan, ngiler berat deh! nanti pasti gue cobain, thanks ya! :))

  5. waa, seru banget nih bronis2nya.. i like mrs fields back then, tapi sekarang buka lagi & udah gak gitu yahud ya hehe.. starbucks punya enak lhoo.. btw, tukeran link yah :)

    1. wah, belum pernah coba punya Sbux. Thanks yah rekomendasinya!
      exchanged link, done! thank you, lens! :)


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