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Exploring Cabramatta, Sydney

It's the ultimate place to go for me.
Cabramatta; a taste of Asia

The mini Vietnam in Sydney, known better as Cabramatta.

There are so may things you can find and do here. And you can eat a lot too. I love Cabramatta because the street food is abundant, reminds me of Jakarta. The grocery items are also easy to find. My aunt loves to shop here, but not the fruits. I notice that the fruits sold here are relatively more expensive than the ones on my local groceries racks. It's still nice to see the colourful and vibrant produces.

Most of the food items are Asian, and I actually haven't find any western-y grocery items in the supermarkets.

Fruits on sale
Grocery store
Veggies on sale

The bakeries are there to feed hungry shoppers which are usually aunties and grandmothers.

Bread cabinets at AA Cakes
Random Asian snacks store

So many to try, you won't believe it. On John Street, which seems to be the busiest part of the area, offers lots of stalls and shops selling things that maybe you won't know that some of them even exist. It can be dizzying sometimes, just follow your intuition and get some great street food while window-shopping.

Sugar cane juice has to be one of the most popular drinks there, along with avocado and durian shakes. There are many stalls selling the thirst quencher, even one of them have the words 'as seen on TV' on the signage.

Toa Han Cau drinks stall
Sugar cane juice station

I had two different glasses of sugar cane juice from two different places, my preference goes to the one from Tan Hoan Cau. I reckon it includes some kind citrus juice as well, so it has some tang. It's sweet, cold, and slightly sour.

Sugar cane juice (nuoc mia) - $3 (regular)

The perfect companion? Red Lea's chips. It's said to be the best chips in town. I got mine with BBQ seasoning, and oh boy they are extremely moreish and tasty. The best in town though? Not so sure.

Red Lea's chips with BBQ seasoning - $4 (?)

Especially when the weather's nice, there are Vietnamese ladies selling their delicious Viet goods from their carts. I am not sure if they make all of the containers, but I assume so.

Lady with her cart

I bought one container of rice paper rolls. These are really cheap, about $2 or so. I was hoping for some prawns inside, but there wasn't. The veggies were crunchy though. Nice nibbles.

Vietnamese rice paper spring rolls

Pork pork pork. By now you may have guessed my fav kind of protein.

Good Luck BBQ shop is my aunt's fav place to get some BBQ pork, pork cracklings, char siu (sweet glazed BBQ pork), sweet and sour pork, and so on.

BBQ stuff display at Good Luck BBQ

My fav is their char siu. Perfectly glazed, tender pork, can't have enough of this.

Char siu (sweet glazed BBQ pork) - about $8 (small container)

Another must-have is the pandan waffles. I haven't found may stalls selling them, the only one I get the waflles is the stall in front of Ngoc Duc.

These are awesome to-go snack. Get some that are fresh from the griller, it's warm, fluffy, full of shredded coconut inside. So tasty and healthier than the chips.

Pandan waffles - $1.50 ea

I'm not sure what Ngoc Duc is. It's a restaurant but I don't see many people eating in. The have Vietnamese snacks, meals, and desserts, most of them packed in container boxes. They also have shakes, smoothies, and other cold beverages.

Ngoc Duc restaurant
Vietnamese dishes in containers at Ngoc Duc

I tried their sugar cane juice and it was squeezed fresh upon my order. It's nice and refreshing but doesn't have tangy sensation like the previous one does.

Sugar cane juice

Kaysone Sweets is a Thai snacks restaurant (although I'm not sure if they call the place a restaurant). You can find Thai's desserts and snacks there, such as the famous mango & sticky rice and various kinds of chips.

But I was there for....

Kaysone sweets; drinks menu and snacks in display

... the durian shakes. So thick you can mistaken it as durian puree instead. However, it still has microscopic ice flakes inside, I would love to have another one without the icy particles. Anyway, it's a fragrant, luscious, and creamy concoction; perfect for a durian lover.

Durian shake - $4.80

Of course, there's no way I can leave Cabramatta without having one (or two) Vietnamese pork roll. But it's on my previous post, go have a read and tell me where else to find great Viet bread rolls.

Anyway, try exploring Cabramatta and you maybe will be surprised with what you'll discover. One advice though, eat much.

So, are we on the same page here? Do you like going to Cabramatta as well?


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Shop 4, 59-61 Park Road, Cabramatta, Sydney

Phone: +61 (02) 9755 5759

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  1. love cabra! the pandan waffles are always a must hey!

  2. omg red lea chips! YUM!
    makes me miss mcdonald's shaker fries :(

    1. never heard of McDonalds's shaker fries! what's that? ;)


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