Monday, 4 June 2012

Eveleigh Farmers' Market

"I'll just grab something easy to eat and go home"
Friendly humans at Blini Bar stand

That's what I thought when making my way to Eveleigh Farmers' Market, the second time. I was doing some errands for the aunt and decided to get some light lunch at the weekly organic-produced market. I was also planning to try Pat & Stick ice cream sandwich, and restocking my brownie stack at home as well.

Upon entering I was greeted by the smell of fresh herbs, all still intact in their pots. The market was crowded as it was just opened, and I was so excited to see the other stands I didn't encounter on my first visit. Unfortunately, Pat & Stick ice cream sandwich cart was nowhere to be found.

Fresh herbs and plants

I won't say much this time, let the photos speak for themselves, shall we?


There something for everyone, including for the friendly dogs there. They are beautiful, vary in size from the smallest to the biggest ones.

Dog treats stand and the dogs

I admit, I was a bit starstruck when spotting Kylie Kwong at Billy Kwong stand. I was considering to get their pancakes for my lunch but finally I made my way to Bird Cow Fish stand instead.

Kylie Kwong at Billy Kwong stand

The queue on Bird Cow Fish stand was hard to ignore. The products in display looked absolutely gorgeous, but I was looking for something more substantial than bread sticks.

They offer OMG-lette (three eggs omelette), which was apparently very popular, but I opted for Madame Croquette (?). I put question mark there because I'm not 100% it's the name of that delicious sandwich.

Bird Cow Fish; OMG-lette sign, products display, the grill, arranging the Madame Croquette

Look at that gooey yolk! Oh my goodness, how sexy does it look?

Croque Madame consists of two slices of buttered brioche, filled with melted cheese, ham, and amazing fried egg. I swooned for it; perfectly toasted brioche, and the filling is impeccable especially with the addition of bursting, gooey yolk. The BBQ sauce I asked for does wonders to this simple yet very satisfying sandwich.

Croque Madame from Bird Cow Fish - $8.5

Here are the new stands I haven't seen before:

Highland Gourmet Potatoes
Zucchini flower fritters
Fresh apple juice stand

The pies stand, whose name I didn't get, had drawn much attention. They have various type of pies, both savoury and sweet types.


The 'people of the day' were met at the Blini Bar stand. The crepe maker and the girl were super friendly and asked me about taking photos. And he looks a bit like Jason Staham a bit for me hehheheh. Anyway, they offer crepes, filled with savoury things or sweet things.

Blini Bar; sweet crepes menu and the crepes maker

I reckon it'll be a great snack on my way home so I ordered Nutella crepes. The sweet crepes were pre-made, but still really soft and not eggy. And what could go wrong with generously given, oozing Nutella?

I will definitely try their savoury crepes on my next visit.

Nutella crepe from Blini Bar - $6

I think I ended up eating too many things this time, especially with all the samples. While waiting for my crepe, I was lured by the words 'Indonesian food' from the neighboring stand, Asian Express Kitchen. The murtabak/martabak looked awesome and crunchy, and I thought for $2 each, it's a good steal. So I tried the beef murtabak.

Its roti layer is crunchy for sure, but the filling is a bit bland for me although being fluffy and hot.

Beef murtabak from Asian Express Kitchen - $2

The lesson learned is that you can never leave Eveleigh Market without trying heaps of food, they will just seduce you full on. And yeah, my intended-short-visit had become a long, but a very enjoyable one.

Where are the brownies, I hear you ask? They'll be on a special post, you see. So stay tuned!

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Every Saturday 8am-1pm

243 Wilson Street
Darlington, NSW 2008
(nearby the corner of Codrington Street)

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  1. the Madame Croquette looks soooo good! gooey yolk, my favourite :)

  2. wow meeting Kylie Kwong in person.. btw, do u wanna exchange links with my blog? reply me at or just reply me at my comment box on my blog at .. thankss

    1. it's very exciting indeed! :)
      sure, I'm following you also. your blog's really nice! :)
      thanks for dropping by!

    2. Ur blog is really nice as well.. I've put your link on mine.. thanks once again :)

  3. i love eveleigh markets :) always a fun place to be with such great food stalls too!

    1. Hi Vivian,
      thanks for dropping by! :)
      I love sydney's markets, really :)

  4. Omg the zucchini flower fritters look amazing! I've seen the flowers at Harris Farm a couple of times, I think I'll have to try making my own fritters with them now. Yummo!

    1. I've seen the flowers a lot in TV hahaha but haven't tried it! would love to try someday :)


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