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Risoles, Kroket, and Lontong Oncom - The Aunt's Kitchen

I love it when my aunt cooks.
Lontong oncom

Her home cooking is a winner. The food is honest, humble, yet tastes magical. I guess that's the effect of home cooking, it just makes you feel warm and comfy.

She can cook many types of food, with the specialty of Indonesian food, of course. There are these three special items that she often sells on Sundays in the church. Sometimes people just order them for party, meeting, or stuff like that. Let me tell you, I help her a lot in the production so many times thus I really know how much effort she put into making these babies. And yes, they are that good.

The three snacks are very popular in Indonesia, and apparently the Western people here love them too! Meet them now: kroket, risoles, and lontong oncom.

Kroket or more famously called croquette, involves potato in the ingredient list of course. There are so may steps to make them. The filling, the potato layer, the crumbing. Honestly, it makes me tired just by thinking about it.

Raw kroket

The result, however, worth every effort. Especially if you don't really make them yourself. These golden oval balls are one of the reasons that I don't mind waking up early on Sunday. Getting them fresh from the fryer is amazing.


The outer part is gloriously crunchy of course. The potato layer is soft and light in flavour, but the filling is more than enough to make you moan. The filling consists of minced beef, green beans, and carrot; it's so flavoursome.

Kroket innards

Risoles is basically folded thin crepes filled with creamy ragout filling, crumbed the same way as kroket but even more complicated to make, because you have to make thin crepes for the wrapper. It is a popular fried snack in Indo, and the filling variations are numerous. Some include ragout and some don't. The aunt makes them with ragout, and she makes great crepes (and pancakes) as well.

Raw risoles

These are another reason to wake up early on chilly Sunday morning. They are more changeling to fry, because if the skin broke and the filling burst while it's still in the oil bath, the oil will splat and you'll wince or even squeal now and then.


I actually prefer this than kroket although they are both awesome. A winner point about risoles is the creamy ragout filling. It's savoury but still has subtle hint of sweetness from the veggies inside. Best eaten with small but punchy bird eye chilli (cabe rawit). Can never stop at one. It's the best seller, actually.

Risoles innards

Lontong oncom is another best seller, it is a more filling snack because rice is involved. Beneath the unappealing looking banana leaves wrapper, there is a warm, slightly sticky compressed rice with spicy oncom (fermented soy bean, using mold in the process) filling. Complicated steps are also with this one, including cleaning and cutting banana leaves individually.

Lontong oncom

This is a perfect light lunch for me. Especially with the aunt's signature spicy peanut sauce. This is why my Indonesian food craving is not always overwhelming.

The rice parcel is dense, slightly sticky, and the filling is tasty and got some pleasant heat. Superb!

Lontong oncom with spicy peanut sauce

So far, the record is held by a 100-each order one year ago. It's hectic because I think the order was placed only 1 week before the due date and the aunt's still working so we needed to ask about 4 people to come help us finishing the orders. In the end, the 100 kroket, 100 risoles, and 100 lontong oncom can be finished and we were missing our beds and couches so much. It was a crazy week.

They are really great though. Believe me, I know. She's been doing this for decades so it must mean something. If you are residing in Sydney and wanna get some, let me know. No, she didn't ask me to do this. I just feel that this kind of food should be acknowledged by many!


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  1. Tante kamu jualan di CIC Newtown yach ? hehehe sering beli sih

    1. Wah ada juga orang CIC yang baca hehe. Iya nih, hope you enjoy it! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. ya kalo nyokap bikin kroket, paling demen langsung dimakan pas panas2nya, bagian luar nya itu bisa garing bener...terus dimakan pake cabe rawit, haduhhh..ngiler deh gw sekarang >.<

    1. Sama banget Cin, toss!!
      Emang paling enak kalo garing luarnya, panas, pedes pake cabe rawit...*glek*

  3. Omigawd!!! Lontong oncom! Risoles pake ragout! Perfect layers visible from the cross section! I want them all!
    Please send my regards to your aunt, that I hope to be lucky and could taste her cooking someday...And you, girl, you're so lucky to get to learn from the master hehe =)

    1. Will do! Thanks Ellyna! :))
      I know I am so lucky, actually I may have bagged one recipe or two..ehehe :P


  5. pesennya dimana neh?ada facebook page buat pesen ga?bisa anter kemana aja

    1. Halo!
      Pesennya telp aja ke (02) 9721 2086, jem 5 - 9an malam gitu. ga ada FB page soalnya. thanks!

  6. Hi, ini sebenarnya jualan nya d kota apa ya? N alamat nya apa?

    1. Di Sydney. Bisa email saya saja kalo mau pesan? Terima kasih.

  7. Halo mba irene salam kenal
    Aku tinggal di Melbourne. .
    Pengen pesen lontong oncom dan combronya.. caranya gimana ya?

    1. Halo, salam kenal.
      Di email aja ya, address-nya ada di profile. Thanks :)


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