Thursday, 10 May 2012

Miscellaneous Eats #1

I love taking photos of my food.

I mean like, any food that I (am going to) eat. Well not all the time, but I do take pictures of those that are special or new to me.And then I thought that they need to be shared. They're really random food that I encountered in the past few weeks, and I think I'm going to do this kind of post each month just to share you guys what my belly is up to. Enjoy!

1. Ice chocolate from UTS Cafe in Tower Building.

I forget the name of the cafe again. If you're UTS student you probably know the cafe in Tower Building Lv. 3. Their ice chocolate is so good. The chocolate syrup is unbelievably rich, mixed with some full-cream milk and then a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. A perfect pick-me-up for me.

Ice chocolate

2. Vanilla and chocolate crescent from Luneburger, Central.

Flaky and buttery pastry enveloping delicious vanilla and chocolate filling. The filling is generous and I am so in love with the pastry.

Vanilla and chocolate crescent - $3.5

3. Vietnamese rice paper rolls from Cafe 10, Jones St.

They have four kinds: vegetarian (tofu), prawn, beef and chicken. My fav are the beef and the tofu ones, but all of them are flavorsome, fresh, and perfect for a light lunch.

Various Vietnamese rice paper rolls

4. Lime Solo.

My favourite lemonade soda so far. It's kinda different from Sprite, I think this one is tangier.

Lime Solo

5. Rum and raisin Tim Tam.

How interesting is this? It's really great to see various kinds of Tim Tams in grocery stores' shelves, it excites me. It's the first time for me trying this unique kind of Tim Tam, and I really love it. The chocolate biscuit block has a piece of raisin in the middle which kinda reminds me of black forest.

And yeah, excuse the dodgy photo please.

Rum and raisin Tim Tam

6. Pizza Mia from Pizza Hut.

Do you know the amazing feeling when you know that you're going to have a feast? That was what happen with me when the aunt asked me to order three pizza from the nearest Pizza Hut. Yay!

My fav is still the hot and spicy Mia, but the BBQ chicken and beef are great as well.

Mia Pizza from Pizza Hut - 3 for $13

7. Ghana milk chocolate.

A good friend of mine brought and gave me this bar of luscious milk chocolate in the middle of lecture. Hallelujah. She is Korean so maybe she'll bring me bibimbap next? *finger crossed*

Ghana milk chocolate

8. Warm Thai beef salad from Sumo Salad.

I suck in diet. One day I was 'feeling like' eating healthy lunch so I went to a Sumo Salad franchise. I made a great choice, as this is a really tasty salad. The beef slices are tender and flavorsome, and all of the veggies are fresh and crunchy. A great, healthy lunch. However, I found myself still craving for some rice, this box of salad is not substantial enough for me. It's good to have healthier lunch one in a while though.

Warm Thai beef salad (L) - $9.5

This is unrelated but in my Twitter sphere there has been a lot of talking about restaurants without cigarette smoke. I am supporting non-smoking restaurants, it annoys me when I smell smoke while eating my food. My nose will feel like it's flaring and I can't stand it. Yay for non smoking restaurants! Yay too for restaurants that have adequate separation of smoking and non-smoking areas!

So is there any random stuff you eat that turns out to be delicious? And do you hate smelling cigarette smoke when eating? Do share!

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  1. aaaaa OZ's tim tammm TT____TT I love it too tho!

    1. I'll bring some when I'm back. promise! ;))


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