Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mamak, Haymarket

There's something about those stretchy roti.
Milo ais (ice Milo) - $3.5

There has to be something to explain the endless queue on the door.

Like I said from my previous post, Mamak is an extremely popular Malaysian eatery in Chinatown. Queue starts to form even before the 'closed' sign on the door is flipped, and continues throughout the day, especially in lunch and dinner time.

Mamak signage

Mamak's interior is dominated with wooden furniture and subtle colour, making it very cozy. That is, if you don't have problem with wooden stools. The lunch specials menu include $11 rice+one side dish, and you'll see satisfying options of roti dishes there as well.

Interior and menu

If you're waiting for a table and thus are bored, don't be. Look to your right and watch the crews flipping roti dough in the air or using two metal jugs to make frothy teh tarik. The aroma of grilled roti can also start up your appetite.

Open kitchen view

I was there for a light lunch with a good friend, so we were just aiming for roti. Roti tisu is a must order of course.

Limau ais is the friend's, but I bet it may taste like lemon tea. My Milo tarik is as amazing as usual, but I have found a better drink than this. The Milo ais (first picture). It's probably Milo tarik with ice, but I've always love cold drink more. I wonder how they can make such an impeccable ratio between the Milo and milk.

Limau ais ($3.5) and Milo tarik ($3.5)

Roti telur bawang (egg and onion roti) is self explanatory. It's fluffy roti with egg and shallots, completed with two curry dips and mini dollop of sambal to provide great flavour.

Roti telur bawang - $7

Roti tisu is the ultimate pyramid-shaped dessert, and I cannot finish one by myself. Served tall and paper-thin crispy, just like the menu suggested, it has generous layer of white sugar in the inside layer. Sweet and crunchy, and the ice cream is also very welcomed.

Roti tisu with ice cream - $9.5

Few days later I was flying solo in the neighborhood and decided to have a quick lunch at Mamak. I went there just before they open the door, and oh the queue is already there.

Nasi lemak, which I have heard so many praises of, was chosen. Completed with a fried drumstick, I didn't think there will be anything wrong. However, I think the rice needs more seasonings, although the egg, ikan bilis, and fried peanuts are nice companions. The sambal is awesome, though. It livens the plate, although I may need a whole bowl of it. The fried chicken is juicy and well seasoned with crunchy crumbing.

Nasi lemak (with fried chicken) - $8.5 (+$3)

Nonetheless, it's another great roti experience at Mamak.


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great roti selection (order roti tisu!), price is affordable, service is helpful, ambiance is nice.



15 Goulburn St
Haymarket, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9211 1668


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  1. The Roti telur bawang is actually roti canai in malaysia or roti prata as they're known in singapore. Gosh, i miss this so much. It make such a yummy (but sinful) breakfast hehe.

    1. Oooh I didn't know! I thought roti canai is the plain one, usually dipped in curry and sambal. anyways they are delicious hehe


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