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Thanh Tam Restaurant, Cabramatta - Sydney

I don't usually eat something heavy for breakfast.
Bamboo steamers

But, if it is yum cha, God help me if I say no.

So thanks to the aunt, the three of us went to Cabramatta for yum cha breakfast. I have never been there before, but she said it's the best one in Cabramatta. That must mean something if the aunt says that, you know.

Thanh Tam restaurant is located on the first floor of a big building just across Hughes St. parking lot. Frankly, I didn't suspect any activity in that building before I saw a huge banner of the yum cha restaurant. The building itself looks dead.

Thanh Tam restaurant, Cabramatta

It is a modern-looking restaurant. The place is super spacious with heaps of tables and seatings. I think they'll easily cater for a wedding in this place. The chairs are cushioned, and everything looks neat and oriental, if you may say. It was early, so only 1/3 of the place is occupied. It is said that they always have long queues during peak hours, though.


The food price, unfortunately, cannot be provided for each item. I didn't pay much attention when the trolley ladies circled my table's order list so I don't know which one's which. I do have the bill though, and here's what I can understand from the minimal-in-words bill:

Small (S) : $3.50
Medium-small (MS) : $4.50
Medium (M) : $12
Large (L) : $13.20
Special (SP) : $14

Moving on to the food, shall we?

Cheung fan with prawns (steamed rice-flour sheets with prawns) is slippery, and the prawn are the plumpest type. The warm, dark sauce is very flavorsome, and I happily use the sauce to dip the other dim sims in.

Cheung fan with prawns (steamed rice-flour sheets with prawns)

Pai gwut (steamed pork ribs with preserved soya bean) is a bit on the greasy side, but the pork ribs pieces are succulent and have delicious layer of fat. This one's a highlight for me.

Pai gwut (steamed pork rib with preserved soya bean)

Seafood siu may is another highlight. The parcels of prawns and fish are admirably succulent and full of flavour. The yellow pearls on top are fish eggs, and they create popping sensation in your mouth. Oh why thee so yummy.

Seafood siu mays

Other delicious items are also ordered, but they do not really stand out although being very fresh and lovely. The decision of ordering congee had backfired for me, because although it's quite tasty, it easily fills you up and I didn't enjoy the century eggs bits. The prawn wontons are crunchy and the prawn filling is generous and juicy. Har gao is great, the prawns are, again, big and sweet. Fung zao (chicken feet) kinda lacks of sauce, yet still very enjoyable.

Clockwise from top left: congee, prawn wontons, har gao, fung zao (chicken feet)

I was actually hoping that the aunt will order durian or mango pancakes for dessert, but she found tofu fa (beancurd jelly with sugar syrup) to be more belly-warming for yesterday's super windy weather. It is the first for me trying tofu fa, actually. The idea to eat tofu-jelly with gingerly syrup sounded terrible for me at first, but I actually enjoyed the bowl. The plain beancurd pudding is silky smooth, and the syrup makes a perfect accompaniment. It's sweet, gingerly, and warm.

Tofu fa

Overall, that was a great breakfast. I only wish I had more room for more items. Really, everytime I saw this trolley passed through me, I couldn't help but drooling and wishing I can have one plate of each.

Fried things trolley

On the other hand, it may be quite a challenge to ask the trolley ladies to explain what kind of dumplings are on the plate/steamer she is holding. I notice that most of the ladies do not speak much English and are only able to say simple explaining words like 'pork', 'rice', 'sweet', and 'seafood'. So yeah, the service can be a bit confusing. I, however, can be easily sold by the word 'pork'.

So are you okay with having heavy breakfast such as yum cha? Do share!

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great yum cha selections, reasonable price, nice and clean ambiance, service can be confusing and inconsistent.



46-24-32 Hughes Street
Cabramatta, NSW 2166

Phone: (02) 9723 7662

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