Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Souvenir Snacks from Japan

I mean, who doesn't love being given food souvenirs?
Japanese snacks

They always get me excited, frankly. And these ones are from Japan. Double excitement.

So a dear cousin came back from Japan few weeks ago, and look at the stash he brought! So many packages, yet I do not understand anything except if there are English words on them. The only way is to taste them one by one, isn't it?

You see the curry block on the very left hand side? I've seen such thing in many anime episodes and manga. Looks really good, can't wait to use it to make a curry. I'll make a post about it I promise!

My favourite of all is the almond crush Pocky. It's kinda obvious though, given that I can eat so many packages of Pocky in one sitting. This one is even nicer than the original one. Loving the addition of the almond, this one's a gem!

Pocky almond crush

Now, I have seen people go gaga about this green tea KitKat. Well, I don't really enjoy eating something green tea flavoured, so this one isn't a favourite of mine. It's creamy, less sweet compared to the normal one, has great ratio of chocolate and wafer, but the green tea flavour is too strong for me. I'm sure anyone who's fond of green tea stuff will like this. And yes, I don't try the other green tea biscuits which is pictured on the background.

KitKat green tea, background: green tea biscuits

The cheese almond is nice with cheese icing and whole almond on top of crunchy biscuits, great to nibble on.

Cheese almond

Didn't try the one with blue packaging, so I can't tell what is that. It looks like some kind of cheese flavoured snack though. Anyone have tried this one before? Do tell.

The one in yellow packaging is like rice crackers with soya bean. It's salty, and I have always love crunchy soya beans.

Soya bean crackers and cheese pillows (?)

This one is hard to tell what it actually is, and the cousin said that he believed I will like it.

Red bean thingy

I do not know the actual name, but it's actually soft wafer enveloping red bean paste. It's really smooth but kinda lack of sweetness for me. The good thing is that you can really taste the red bean.

Red bean filling in soft wafer

By the time that I'm typing this post, most of the items are already gone. They're really good snack (except the green tea KitKat) I say.

Anyway I am sorry for the short post! I have been busy and there's so little time to do proper post. I hope this will do until I finally get the time to make a more interesting one. Cheers!

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  1. haduh itu yg green tea2 gw doyan euy !!! kenapa ga suka ?? hehe

    1. semua org juga blng gt! hahaha. mmm ga suka aja sama makanan rasa green tea, buat gue itu aneh hehehe.

  2. Dear Irene,

    Saya belum pernah jumpa teh hijau Kit Kat! Tapi saya pernah buat dessert dengan teh hijau dan Pocky chocolate.


    1. oh wow! did you use Google to do that or are you Malaysian? :))

      Yes, I read your post about that. you have incredible recipes really :) thanks for dropping by!

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