Monday, 30 April 2012

Eveleigh Farmers' Market, Sydney

Going here is a great way to spend your Saturday morning, for sure.
Cutest sales boy ever

And you'll going home with no empty stomach, I can assure you that.

Eveleigh Farmers' Market is there to brighten your Saturday morning. Only a few mins walk from Redfern Station, it's a place to have a great eye (and belly) feast. I was told that all of the veggies, fruits, and food are organic, i.e. don't involve synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers in their producing methods.

The place is big, accommodating number of interesting stands which I had to look one by one. The best part is that most of them have sampler food. Oh, don't we love sampler? That is why I am telling you that you won't leave the place with empty stomach. A lot of the food has also won Sydney Royal Fine Food medals, which makes them even more interesting. The medals must mean something, right?

It is also great that all of the people, especially the ones tending there food stands are very friendly and accommodating of a food blogger. One lady even gave me her business card to notice her if I have made a post about the market as soon as I mentioned that I am a food blogger. Too bad I lost it.

The fresh, organic products

Organic veggies and fruits

I won't say much, let's just let the photos talk. The veggies and fruits are organic, so yes there's an impact to the price tags.

BTW I had my first taste of figs there. Since then, at least a packet of figs is always available in the fridge. It's soft but slightly crunchy and incredibly sweet. Love it.

Figs (buah ara)
Prickly pears
Assorted mushrooms

I really really wanna try the pepe saya butter! Next time I'll ask for a sample, definitely.

Dairy products

The savouries

Olive oil on bread samplers

Black truffle oil has a really strong yet so lovely taste. Such a one-of-a-kind really. I tried it the first time there and was immediately sold. But why are you so expensive?

Black truffle oil

Regarding to cheese, I had an unpleasant tasting of goat cheese. It tasted like glue (UHU glue to be exact), and I don't think I'll have it in my mouth ever again.

However, this lady is very lovely and offered us various samples of Binnorie Dairy cheese. My fav one is the Swiss.

Binnorie dairy products: (clockwise from top left) the stand, assorted cheese samplers, cutting cheddar (?), Camembert, Swiss, and cheddar package

Emilia Pasta was very popular, I noticed. No wonder, with such exceptional pasta and truffle cream! The pesto sauce is great, as well.

Emilia Pasta stand and products
Tony Bilson steak stand
Ding the Recipe stand
Porters Products sauces

The sweets

Natural sugarcane juice: pineapple, mint, cane juice frappe (med) $6

The pineapple, mint, and cane juice frappe is a very welcomed thirst quencher. It has great and refreshing flavour, and I am always a fan of sugar cane juice.

Yalla yoghurt is said to be the best yoghurt in Sydney, and I may have to agree. I tried the mango yoghurt and it's so yummy! Sweet and sour, without overwhelming milky taste.

Yalla yoghurt
Assorted jams and marmalades
Gumnut treats

This, my friends, is arrays of the awesomest brownies from Fare Gourmet. I regret it very much that I only bought one, I will make sure that I'll purchased at least three next time. Simply amazing.

Amazing brownies from Fare Gourmet

SWEETNESS the Patisserie offers treats as sweet as the name. I believe that they have won Sydney Royal Fine Food medals for some of their products, but the mallows are the ones I got my attention on. It is said to be the best marshmallows in Sydney, and I agree on that. They have this distinct fruity flavours which are different from any mallows I've ever had. Great ones.

SWEETNESS the Patisserie stand and products
Rhubarb crumble cakes

I was so intrigued by Pat and Stick ice cream sandwich, but we were saving room for a great lunch after the visit to the market. Next time!

Pat and Stick's ice cream sandwich stand

Again, the brownie is amazing. Best one I've had. Gonna buy some more soon.

Purchased: whoppie pie & sweet mixed mallows from Sweetness the Patisserie and awesome brownie from Fare Gourmet

The 'whoppie pie' I purchased from SWEETNESS the Patisserie is different. A whoppie pie is supposed to involve two chocolate cake or soft biscuits and vanilla cream in between. This one has two fluffy white mallows sandwiching a thin layer of dark chocolate. While I love the dessicated coconut, this one's a bit too sweet for me.

The 'whoppie pie'

I may miss Sydney Royal Easter Show this year, but Eveleigh Market has successfully induce the same level of excitement for me. Big thanks again for Stephanie who introduced me to this awesome spot. Definitely going back for more sampler!



Every Saturday 8am-1pm

243 Wilson Street
Darlington, NSW 2008
(nearby the corner of Codrington Street)

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  1. postingan loe sukses buat gw ngiler!! moga2 bisa kesana someday :))

    1. haha ngilernya sama yg mana cind? iya, gue tunggu loh ya! ;))

  2. Salam kenal irene! those pictures reallyy temptingg.. coba kalo di indo ada bginian juga yah.. *sigh* u live in sydney??

    1. salam kenal, Agnes!
      Hehe, thanks! pasar" di Indo juga menarik" kok, banyak makanan kampungnya hehe.
      Yep currently I am living in Syd. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. ngiler sama semua nyaaaa haha.....tapi anak kecil di foto loe yg pertama lucu yaaa :)

    1. hehehe. iya dia lucu banget! masa dia nanya "kok kamu foto aku?" ahahah lucu abis.

  4. Truffle oilnya murah ya dsn, di kem chick bs 5 kali lipat harganya mbak...

    1. mungkin karena disini panen truffle-nya lebih banyak? hehe :)

  5. Hi Irene!

    Hope this message finds you well!

    I am a journalist form the Republic of Singapore's Navy's Navy News Team.

    Is it possible that we use your photos from this post of the eveleigh farmers' market in our next publication?

    We would credit your as the photographer and give a shout out to your blog!

    Warmest Regards,
    Navy News Team

    1. HI, Graeme. Sure thing, thanks for asking me first! :)


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