Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Feast 2012 - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone!
Sausages on the barbie

Have you been enjoying the long weekend? For me, I wold have enjoyed it more if the grandma and the mother didn't have to leave today. I am not fond of separation, truly.

There's one solace to the increased loneliness, though (God I sound depressed, don't I?). The Easter party was one of the best family party ever, both in terms of the food and the gathering itself. It's also a birthday party for a dear cousin, so it's quite big. With so many people coming, of course the food are abundant. And all of them are homemade. Amazing.

From the house we prepared siomay, or Indonesian steamed fish cakes. We did them assorted; some with tofu, some with bitter melon, and the rest with tofu skin and egg.

Steamer full of assorted siomays

So did you enjoy your Easter chocolate egg? Great then. I didn't have chocolate eggs, but I'm pretty happy with my egg siomay. Cut them into bite size, pour the creamy peanut sauce, drizzle the sweet soy sauce and lime juice, finished by squirts of chilli sauce.

Most people said that the siomay is too salty, which is quite true, but it's still very enjoyable for me. A highlight of the day, actually.

Cooked siomays

A must for a birthday party is birthday noodles. The noodles were stir fried with delicious condiments, such as lap chiong (Chinese pork sausage), scrambled egg, chicken, choi sim (Chinese spinach), and topped with fried shallots. Very filling and so yummy.

Birthday noodles

Another amazing highlight of the feast is the homemade 13-hour slow cooked pork. That's impressive, I gotta say. The black crust is caramelized mustard and other marinade, its flavour is very intense and punchy. The meat, however, is wonderfully succulent and melts in your mouth.

13-hour slow cooked pork

Hang on, the most favourite item of the day is yet to come! The pork sausages are definitely a winner, with perfect level of fattiness and pleasant spicy kick. They're kinda like chorizo, but less spicy. They were fought over, along with the blood sausages which I didn't try.

Best way to eat them? Put them in the bread roll, then pour your fav sauce. Life's beautiful.

Pork and blood sausages

So many meat types going onto the barbie, and each of them came out medium and perfectly tender. Salute!

BBQ short ribs

Well of course we have healthy salads! Potato and fresh veggie salad are provided from the house, both offering healthy relief from all the meat and the fat.

Clockwise from top left: condiments and sauces for siomays, potato salad, full plate, fresh salad

Indonesian's dishes were brought as well, obviously. The aunt made this sticky rice with red bean, and this is so delicious. It's usually called 'lepet' in Indo, but this one's the big version of it.

Sticky rice with red bean

Homemade spring rolls are awesomely crispy and the filling is tasty; a definite crowd pleaser. I was in charge at frying them, and only God knows how many that I have nibbled on by myself. Oops.

Homemade spring rolls

Desserts were taken care of very well. From Indonesian to Australian, we had them. I truly like the bugis cake (the green ones), which has grated coconut and brown sugar filling. So yum and so Indonesian!

Clockwise from top left: bugis and kue talam (Indonesian desserts), mini red velvet cupcakes, banana bread, cheese cake

Homemade pavlova was there too, and that was the first time for me trying pavlova (I know, don't judge me!). It's amazing how the meringue just melts instantly in contact with my tongue, and the sweetness is very enjoyable especially if paired with sour-ish fruits. The elders said that this one's too sweet for them, but the younger adults loved the Australian signature cake.

Homemade fruit pavlova

It was my first time trying hummingbird cake too, and I found it really loveable. Hummingbird cake is more like a tropical cake, with so many possible ingredients included such as coconut, banana, cinnamon, almonds, pecans, and so on; coated by cream cheese frosting.

This one has a vivid cinnamon taste, very yummy with lovely play of textures. I found the cream cheese frosting is not overpowering, and the sweetness level is very tolerable.

Homemade hummingbird cake

Another task that I was in charge of is making es campur (Indonesian dessert; literally: mixed ice). A complete bowl has to have the jackfruit, kolang-kaling (fruit roof), jelly, grass jelly, red bean, and a spoon of coconut milk. I used the shaved ice maker and it worked fabulously. Squirt some sugar syrup on top and there you go!

Es campur (mixed ice; Indonesian dessert) making

Overall, it was such an unforgettable BBQ party. The best one I've had so far. I ate too much I think, I felt like I was at the verge of exploding. Anyway, I just hope that the mother didn't have to go!

Here are the humans!

Humans (and a dog)

So, how did you spend your Easter or your long holiday? Do share!

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  1. Hi Irene your barbecue looks wonderful. Here I am so far away in Arizona looking at that great bbq,and stikky rice and spring rolls.and hummingbird cake-what is that? The grill looks wonderful-did you have room for dessert?

    Here in Arizona i barbied a rack of pork ribs in the smoker for 7 hours and made cole slaw
    best wishes

    1. Hi Alan thanks for dropping by!
      Well, always save room for dessert they say heheheh.
      Wow ur pork ribs sounds great! Cheers! :)

  2. drooling just by looking at the pictures!


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