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Burger King and Mini Melts, Emporium Mall - Jakarta

Let's face it. Junk food is bad for our health, but it's kinda tasty.
Whopper Jr. cheese with extra bacon

Do you think so? Sometimes I just can't resist the temptation of a burger or some fries, although I do realize that they are 'bad' food. Oh well, once or twice in a while won't hurt I think. But make sure you eat lots of fruits and veggies.

So I was with Roo looking for dinner one night. He was (as always actually) feeling like burger, and we went to Burger King because we are so bored with the usual fast food chains.

Burger King, Emporium Mall

Burger King (BK) is originated from US, and in Australia it's called Hungry Jacks instead. I felt a bit snob entering the place and ordering the burger, as I used to work in the same industry and thus am familiar with most of the menu. This is actually the first time I ate BK in Jakarta since I got back to Indo last year.

The Emporium Mall BK's branch has both indoor and outdoor dining areas, and the indoor one is spacious, bright, and clean.

Dining area

They also offer frozen drink counter, which I love very much. I love frozen drinks like Slushie. May induce immediate brain freeze though.

Clockwise from top left: counter, the slogan, frozen soft drinks available, the menu

Whopper Jr. cheese with extra bacon is our chosen burger that night, and both of us enlarged the meals to large (extra IDR 5,000). Apart from the burger, the set has usual suspects: soft drink and fries.

Whooper Jr. cheese with extra bacon large meal - IDR 48,000 ($5)

What I love about this burger is that the veggies inside (lettuce, tomato, onion) taste fresh. For a burger, nothing better than fresh ingredients, really. The pattie is nice too, and the additional bacon never fails to satisfy the carnivore in me.


The fries are given overflowing from the packet, which I do not mind at all. They're crunchy and still hot; another fresh food getting the tick.


The interesting this is that they also have dessert menus such as sundaes and chocolate pie or cake, if I am not mistaken. We didn't get any but instead we made our way to Mini Melts counter.

Mini Melts is also available in Aussie, although I haven't seen any stall around. The pearl-like ice cream is apparently made with cyrogenic freezing process which yields mini balls of super cold ice cream. It is said to be the coldest ice cream in the world, FYI.

Mini Melts counter

They have various flavours available, and I got all of them mixed. I usually got my fav chocolate and mint, but that time I wanted to try all the flavours in offer.

Flavour options

The great thing about this ice cream is that it's easy to eat and doesn't melt quickly. Some may find that the flavour is not as intense as usual ice cream, but it's still very enjoyable to eat. Delicious, cold treat. And my fav flavour is still the chocolate and mint.

Mixed flavour cup

Back to BK topic, I think it'll be my best option if I am craving some burgers. For me the burgers are better than ones from the other fast food restaurants, but I agree if anyone's saying that the price is kinda off putting.

Rating (Burger King): 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Good burgers, nice and clean dining area, service is efficient, price is relatively expensive.



Emporium Mall Ground floor #20
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, Jakarta Utara

Phone: (021) 666 766 06 


Emporium Mall Lv. LG (across Carrefour)
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, Jakarta Utara

Aussie website:

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  1. The "Mini Melts" are in Aus, the franchise is called "Dippin' Dots" my favourite!!

    1. Hey thanks for dropping by and the info! Cheers! :)

  2. buat g, burger ratusan ribu juga ga bs ngalahin burger king. hihihi enak benerrr, apalagi whooper. slurpphh...

    1. hehehe, gue lebih demen kalo pake cheese n bacon whopper-nya hehe :9

  3. Aku juga suka mini melts, tapi krn rasanya yg itu-itu aja, kayaknya jd agak males buat makan lagi hwhw

    1. iya sih bener juga :)
      thanks for dropping by!

  4. aaaaa minimelts...! udah lama g makan ini. kecil2 lucu gitu klo udah masuk mulut. nyummm!

  5. Kalo sekarang masih ada minimelts?? Thanks...

    1. Hai Kimberly! Thanks for dropping by. Wah ga tau ya, udah lama sih ga kesana. Sorry can't be much of a help! :(

  6. Minimelts masih ada sekarang?? Thanks..


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