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Bau Truong, Cabramatta - Sydney

This restaurant is a special place for me.
Goi Ca salmon (raw salmon salad)

I first went to Bau Truong on the cousin's birthday, few years ago. The food that we had that day kinda blew my mind, and since then this place has been an all-time fav Vietnamese restaurant of mine. I even went there for a solo eating out last year, at which I was once again satisfied by their seafood spring rolls.

Located just beside the big branch of Commonwealth Bank, it's hard to miss the bright green signage.

The green signage

We went there this time for an early dinner, so there weren't many patrons dining. Thank God, this place can be very packed and sometimes it is kinda impossible to get a table. Dominated with simple settings and decorations, the restaurant interior can be defined as neat and sleek.


The menu booklet looks simple, but it is composed of various Viet menus, from light appetizers to heavier noodles soups and rice dishes. The fresh condiments are there, of course, along with great dipping sauces and sliced chilli for those who are seeking heat on their tongues.

Clockwise from top left: menu, fresh condiments and sauces, free flow tea

What's better to start a meal than some fresh spring rolls? These prawn and pork fresh rolls are one of the bests I have ever had; full of fresh herbs, vermicelli, plump prawns and sliced pork, all enveloped neatly by translucent rice paper. Dipping them in the sweet-sour dipping sauce is highly recommended.

Goi Cuon (prawn and pork fresh rolls) - $2.5 ea

Beef with green mango, apple, and star fruit salad is a favourite of the mother. It arrives resembling a mountain, topped with mint leaves and bits of fried shallots. It's fresh, tangy, flavorsome, and the beef slices are tender. Can't find any star fruit, though. Maybe it's not the season?

Goi Bo Bop Thau (beef with green mango, apple, and star fruit salad) - $15

The raw salmon salad is the second salad we had that day (welcome, healthy food!), and I found that I enjoyed this one less than I did with the beef salad. This one has similar finesse: crunchy and fresh fruits and veggies, tangy but very pleasant dressing, and heaps of raw salmon slices. The salmon is definitely fresh, I didn't pick any fishy smell or taste. I am just not a good friend of raw fish, the texture reminds me of jelly.

Goi Ca salmon (raw salmon salad) - $18

A Viet meal has to have a bowl of pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup), at least. The pho tai here is probably a bit oily for some, but the depth of the flavour is amazing. Superb broth, tender raw slices of beef, and slippery rice noodles. It's really hard to resist.

Pho Tai (beef noodle soup) - $11

Combination stir fried noodles are awaited excitedly, but unfortunately has failed to deliver. It is full of mushrooms, sliced pork, chicken, and veggies, but I found it being on the bland side. The rice noodles are cooked very well though, and this plate is surprisingly very filling.

Hu Tieu Xao Thap Cam (combination stir fried noodles) - $13

Don't we love freebies? Of course we do!

I love Bau Truong also because they give us complimentary plate cleanser, sometimes assorted sliced fruits, but this time is sweet orange wedges.

Complimentary oranges

To compare my previous visits to Bau Truong with this one, this one seems inferior indeed. Nevertheless, my admiration to this Viet restaurant does not cease, and I will continue recommending this place to everyone.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 5/5 (Must try)
Great Viet menus (with minor exceptions), price is reasonable, service is friendly and quick, good ambiance.



70 John Street, Cabramatta, Sydney

Phone: (02) 9727 4492

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  1. Wow, if this is truly what they eat in Vietnam, no wonder Vietnamese girls are all very lean and slim. Healthy foods & of course made even more appetizing through irene's lenses =)

    1. They actually eat these food! salad, fresh herbs, noodle soups; and as you can see the girls are always slim!
      Awwww thanks so much dear, but really I'm not that good yet :)

    2. reading all your aussie food reviews made me want to go to there for university! :)

    3. @Rayns: you should, if you're up to it! thanks for dropping by! :)


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