Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sushi Feast - Homemade Sushi Rolls

Again with the family thing here.
Sushi tower

I just love spending time with family, especially when good food is present.

So in case you're not following me on Twitter, there was a sushi feast at home last Saturday. The aunt came over, bought all the ingredients and announced that we're having a sushi roll feast today.

I wasted no time prepping the rice, which is a very different type of rice with the usual long-grain rice. I was informed that the sushi rice is available in grocery store and Asian supermarket, at affordable price.

The other condiments were nori sheets, mirin (Japanese soy sauce), sushi rice vinegar, rice seasoning, and wasabi paste.

Nori sheets, wasabi paste, mirin, sushi rice vinegar, and rice seasoning

The fillings were colourful and had been neatly julienned; consisting of cucumber, omelet, carrot, blanched spinach, and Japanese sweet pickled radish. We also have avocado, ripe and very creamy and a perfect filling for sushi rolls.

Fillings: carrot, spinach, omelet, sweet pickled radish, cucumber

We weren't doing any sashimi that day, so no raw fish included in the party. All we had are sauteed salmon and teriyaki chicken. They don't have strong flavour, but still tasty anyway.

Fillings: sauteed salmon and chicken teriyaki

It's actually a real fun making the rolls! It's easier using the bamboo rolling tool, indeed, but I reckon I'll still manage without it. All I had to do is to dip my hands in water, put the rice on and spread it 1/3 part of the nori sheet, and then put any filling I fancy. We did a lot of combinations, and I can think of dozens more if I have sausage, SPAM, bacon, tempura, etc. Do you think SPAM will make a great filling? The possibilities are simply endless.

Then I rolled it carefully, and start cutting the roll into bite sized circles.

Making the sushi rolls

Dip them in soy sauce or dab some wasabi, and there you have a light but filling meal.

We made some with all the filling combination, including canned tuna mixed with mayo. Yummy.

Assorted sushi rolls

Let me tell you, these sushi rolls are a perfect finger food for a family gathering. Easy to eat and filling at the same time. And tasty, of course.

Sushi rolls, anyone?

So tell me, have you ever made sushi rolls at home? What would be your fav filling for a sushi roll?

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  1. Hawaiians love Spam in their sushi! They have it in maki, onigiri and even nigiri haha.

    1. they're genius! mmm i would love those :)

  2. Aduh, Irene, I would love to learn how to make sushi!!! >,<" Looks very complicated because every ingredient has to be well prepared (size, flavour, etc)...But most of all: I wanna try those yummy-looking bite-sized treats hehehe =P

    1. yeah you have to prepare them well! tp sbnrnya kalo buat di rumah aja mah ga usah diukur" bgt kok bahannya hehehe. it's pretty easy and tasty! :))

  3. Irene, bikinin gw donk kapan2 haha......

    1. sip cind! blng aja mau nya kapan ahahaha :p

  4. Irene, itu nasinya dikasih apa aja? Ajarin dong cara buatnya :)

    1. Nasinya kan nasi sushi ya, bukan nasi biasa loh. DItaksi rice vinegar,gula secukupnya, n garem juga secukupnya. Klo ada jg bisa tmbhin mirin tp itu ga penting" amat. udah deh aduk" terus taro di atas nori nya! hehe :))

  5. hi Irene,
    eh mau tanya dong, kalau mirin yg buat sushi itu masih ada kandungan alkoholnya gak?
    Anyway, salam kenal ya. Mau tuker link blog dong...
    thank you =)

    1. Hi Aline!
      kalo kata wikipedia sih mirin ada tiga jenis, dr yg 40% kandungan alkohol sampe adaa yg kurang dr 1%. klo gue si itu pake yg kurang dr %1 alkoholnya, tp pake sushi rice vinegar juga bisa kok,ga perlu" bgt ini mirin sbnrnya hehe.

      Thanks for dropping by! gw udah follow blog loe dr dulu hehe :))

  6. Hai, boleh tanya itu bahannya (beras jepang, rice vinegar, dsb) beli dimana yah? Sama roll bambunya itu beli dimana? Pengen bikin tapi gatau dimana belinya di supermarket biasa semacam C*rrefour ga ada soalnya hiks :(

    1. Hi there!

      Wah kalo di Indo gue kurang tau, soalnya ini kan kbetulan gue lg si Sydney. Tp kayanya yg bahan" unik gitu ada di Farmers Market deh, coba aja cari?

      Thanks for dropping by! :))

  7. If you’re using a pot, follow a 1-to-1 ratio for sushi rice to water and bring the mixture to a boil.


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