Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pho 76, Wetherill Park - Sydney

It was a shopping night. Turned out to be an eating-out night.
Ran Muoi (Salt and Pepper Squid)

You know, there is a quite big department store in Wetherill Park, ans that was where the aunt wanted to do some shopping. It was dinner time and my stomach started to grumble due to KFC's chicken aroma wafting in the air. Although we had some chicken schnitzels waiting for is at home, we simply couldn't resist the idea of hot, tasty pho. So to Pho 76 we went.

Pho 76 is one of the restaurants lining up at the aisle, along with other fancy-looking restaurants. It has an outdoor dining too, and the interior looks clean and welcoming.

Pho 76, Wetherill Park

There's only one table occupied when we were there, which made me wondering a bit. The interior is simple and clean, with wooden tables and comfortable cushioned chairs. There's drink counter at the back area, which I believe to be connected with the kitchen.

The menu is provided with pictures and explanations, so it's actually fun scanning through it. And oh, make sure you tell them you're a food blogger, because they told me that they don't permit snapping pictures.

Clockwise from top left: menu, interior, fresh herbs condiments

The pho bo (Vietnamese beef rice noddles soup) is a must everytime a Vietnamese restaurant is visited. They say a yum cha restaurant is as good as the har gao goes, and I kinda put the same rule for Vietnamese restaurant here. When the pho is delish, there won't be much complaining.

Unfortunately, there's nothing much I can brag about this special pho bo. The broth is pretty light but I find it a bit bland to my liking. The noodles are nice though, completed with raw beef slices, beef tripe, and meatballs.

Pho Bo (Special Beef Rice Noodles Soup) - $11

The pepper steak tomato rice is more flavorsome and interesting, with tender and peppery beef cubes along with tomato-ey rice. There's not much love given for the accompanying veggies though.

Cam Bo Luc Lac (Pepper Steak Tomato Rice) - $11

Despite the high expectation, the salt and pepper squid didn't quite deliver.

The thin batter is surprisingly crunchy although thin, and I find the squid to be tender enough. However, I think it's a bit too salty, it kinda overwhelms the pepper's involvement. If only there's less amount of salt included in the bed of crunchy, I reckon the dish will be much better.

Ran Muoi (Salt and Pepper Squid) - $15.5

The least impressive dish of the day would be the stir fried vegetables (stir fried various vegetables with tofu), I found it to be too bland for my liking. It provides some healthy nutrients, anyway, after all of the fried squid.

Stir fried vegetables - $11.5

Overall, it was a nice dinner, but maybe should have gone to KFC instead? :p

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 2/5 (OK/Average)
Decent dishes, great service, lower prices than few Vietnamese restaurants I have ever visited, clean and nice ambiance.


PHO 76

C04 Stockland Shopping Centre
Polding St
Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

Phone: (02) 9604 7776

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